Live Maine Softshell Steamer Clams – 4 pounds – ADD-ON

Live Maine Softshell ‘Steamer’ Clams for your next clambake! Harvested by local clammers in Kennebunkport/Cape Porpoise,Maine. Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. is a Maine state certified shellfish dealer. ,,All our prices include overnight shipping. ,,Smaller amounts available to combine with lobster or other seafood products. ,,Give us a call at 1-800-967-4268 for pricing.

Quick facts

  • All of our price include overnight shipping.
  • Delivered Fresh and Live!

Top reviews

Fresh and Yummy

Worth every penny – fresh and well packed from Maine to Seattle in one day. Packed in 2 pound “netted” packages surrounded with “blue ice” packages for refrigeration. All in a sturdy styrofoam container and boxed. Out of my 4 pound order, only 3 of the clams were broken and had to be thrown away. All the others were fresh and “closed”. Cleaning and cooking instuctions included. Maine steamed clams are one of the most tender varieties – not chewy like little necks or other varieties. Steam 10 minutes, take beard off neck, dip in butter and arrive in Heaven.
EdwinRed Lake Falls, MN


I was concerned when I got these because I don’t know that much about clams but had a really amazing recipe I wanted to try. I was happily surprised after doing some research and finding out that they were okay and how to eat them. We had the most amazing dinner in the world. I will absolutely order from them again!
RhiannonCincinnati, OH