Living Tree Organic Alive Almond Butter, 8oz

Our almonds are grown exclusively by family farmers. California almonds are the best! We began making almond butter over 25 years ago. At first our almond butter was roasted, but that has become a small part of what we do. Nowadays, our energy goes into making alive almond butter. We have developed, over the years, a proprietary process. We make it slowly, over several days. We slice, we do not grind. Furthermore, we make it frequently, in small batches so it’s fresh and alive. Our almond butter is created in Berkeley, a wellspring of the human spirit. It has a rich tradition of Americans who dared to stand up and speak their truth. That’s why we call it Freedom Butter. We invite you then to open a jar and spread our almond butter on a slice of apple. Experience its texture and savor its aroma. Taste its whole bodied flavor. Maybe it will inspire you with the wisdom of John Muir, the courage of Martin Luther King Jr. and the genius of Steve Wozniak. This is the ethos of Berkeley, 20 Nobel Prize winners have taught here. Here in the sixties, you spoke for brothers and sisters everywhere. When circumstances require, you will speak out again. Freedom Butter, in its aliveness, is an intimation of what you can be. Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers

Quick facts

  • Alive, Organic, Fresh and Delicious
  • Made Exclusively from California Family Farmer’s almonds
  • Sliced slowly over several days to remain fresh and alive
  • Created in Berkeley California
  • See our complete Amazon listing for the 16 ounce size too!

Top reviews

NO FLAVOR Spent over $100.00 on 6 jars

I purchased 6 jars of this Almond Butter on a suggestion from someone who had eaten it before. I am so disappointed, After spending well over $100.00. There was ABSOLUTELY NO HINT of an Almond Flavor. It tasted bland and had no distinct flavor at all. I am trying to contact the company to get a refund.
KimikoFolsomville, IN


This is the BEST almond butter EVER. It is just divine…tastes like fresh, raw, blanched almonds just harvested. This stuff can be eaten straight from the jar or smeared on fruit, vegies, etc.

To top it off, the company supports California farmers and only purchases California almonds, which are considered the best in the world.

Try it – you’ll be hooked.

They also have a delicious almond milk recipe you can make from the butter…I wouldn’t waste it though, and instead just buy their whole almonds.

MoiraKirkwood, DE

Best quality. *Pure* Almond Butter

This almond butter does not have the frequently added sugar and other ingredients. it is pure and made in small batches with care and great attention to quality. I’ve been reading labels carefully and noticed one of my favorite crunchy almond butters used sugar as well as other oils. So I first found this looking for a sugar-free almond butter (Peanut Butters are also famous for slipping in sugar too! health havoc!) So I got the first jar. On first tasting this, it might seem a tad bland by comparison but that is like a piece of fruit would not seem sweet if you’ve been eating white sugar. Once the palate chills out and tastes what pure tastes like, I could not accept substitutes. This is the real thing. It’s a regular afternoon snack …get one of those apple splitters, a spreading knife and boom! Health. Raw, alive, pure. Because I liked this almond butter and this company’s Tahini so much, I looked for other products and read up on them. It’s a company worthy of supporting because they genuinely care and put their best forward.
NestorHancocks Bridge, NJ

Short expiration date but tastes fresh

We really enjoy the fresh taste of the almond butter…wish it would last longer but I guess that’s what you get for FRESH!
AlexiaFort Dick, CA

The best almond butter on Earth

I love almond butter and have tried many types of roasted and raw almond butters, but none comes close to this one.

It’s got a sweetness and nourishing quality far beyond any other almond butter. By itself, and with crackers, it is simply divine.

SylvieTrevett, ME