Lizzie’s Kitchen Provence Dipping Oil, 12-Ounce P.E.T. Bottle

Provence Dipping Oil: We packed all the glorious flavors that they use in Provence-including a touch of lavender- in this delicious oil. We added a dash of salt to enhance the flavor and finished with a great blend of olive and canola oil. This seasoned oil is perfect to splash over cooked pasta and serve!

Quick facts

  • All Natural
  • No Cholesterol
  • Light-Weight Plastic Bottle
  • Wide-Mouth Bottle

Top reviews

Lizzie’s dipping oil

I wish I could give 2.5 stars…I didn’t hate it, but I expected olive oil and this is more of other types of oils. It has a decent taste – but it’s nothing compared to good olive oil, or high quality balsamic vinegar. Also, the bottle leaked after opening.
CindaWest Groton, MA