Loacker Hazelnut Quadratini 8.8oz

Loacker wafers were awarded the best tasting European Wafer of 2003. Product of Italy.

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Hi! If you have heard of World Market then they sell a good selection of Quadratini wafers. Now, they don’t sell every flavor available but they do have in the stores chocolate, vanilla, lemon, hazlenut and espresso. I had one of my friends send me some from a World Market store where she lived. They were $2.99 a package. She goes there on occasion and I think they are only located in good sized cities, the World Market stores, I mean. Hope that helps you wafer lovers!
DorindaHayden, CO

Loacker Hazelnut Quadratini 8.8oz

They make great snacks. Regretfully, they are not widely available without buying them in case lots.
SanjuanaArgyle, FL