Loacker Quadratini Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 8.82-Ounce Packages

Loacker Quadratini Vanilla, 8.8 Ounces (Pack of 8)

Quick facts

  • Gives you 6 different delicious flavor
  • Contains all natural

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Poor Taste

The whole point of a cookie is for it to taste good! This product tastes little better than wood. Sorry I wasted my money. Do NOT buy. Save your money — they are not worth the calories!
KaseyPoint Of Rocks, MD


i grew up in italy and loved these wafer cookies… i had almost forgot how good they were. then i decided to order some just to refresh my memories and ended up eating 4 out of the 8 bags in less than a 24 hour period (i did have some help). everybody that tried them asked me where i got them.i bought the hazelnut ones and i think that hazelnut is such a better choice to combine with chocolate and cookies than peanuts like they do here in the states. i wanted my friends to try different flavors so i ordered tiramisu, vanilla and lemon…..i see they have an option to deliver them ever month or two but i think they should deliver them weekly. lol.
MeaganBarlow, OH


My husband and I just looked at each other after eating one of the lemon wafer cookies and sighed. The flavor is pure deep natural lemon, tart and bright, with a sweet creamy finish–nothing like any other lemon-flavored cookie I’ve ever bought. Honestly, these are just terrific little cookies.

And when we thought it couldn’t get better, we tried the chocolate. Natural, dense, delicious, dark chocolate taste.

We plowed through both bags just going back and forth: lemon, chocolate, lemon, chocolate….

No gross artificial taste. No waxy texture to the cream. No meek, bland flavors. Just all-natural goodness that will blow your socks off.

Time for another bag.

CarolGreen Creek, NJ

Tasty & Addictive

It is a very tasty treat I enjoy with my afternoon coffee. However, all good things must be had in moderation, and hence I will only buy one pack at a time from the local store.
However the price on Amazon is competitive.

I don’t know why it was tagged as “not vegetarian” because I don’t see any questionable ingredient on the list – perhaps someone else can elaborate.

The dark chocolate filling has a nice creamy texture without being overwhelming; and nor is it cloyingly sweet.

Overall all, I definitely recommend this product.

CourtneyCougar, WA

Great tasting snack

These are the greatest wafer type cookies I have ever eaten. I’ve also tried the lemon ones which are out of this world as well. They are wafer type but are cut into small cubes (ideal for snack size) instead of how they usually appear as a longer stick. They are very creamy and have a high quality chocolate taste. Awesome stuff. You’ll only be sorry when they are gone and you have eaten too much.
CelesteLake Preston, SD

Can’t eat just one!

CorettaAshley Falls, MA

Quadratini Lemon are great!

My wife loves these little wafers, but our local stores no longer carry them. Amazon to the rescue! Great product, fast shipping. We are very happy and will continue to order these.
IsauraHelmsburg, IN


delicious hazel nut taste in a cunchy bite- size wafer cookie. highly recommended. will buy these again.remind me of the hazel nut coffee creamer
HolliOldtown, ID

Punch of lemon flavor

These Loacker Quadratini Lemon Wafers are the best I’ve tasted. They are natural with a real lemon ‘punch’ in every bite. Plus they are not overly sweet like some other wafer brands. I will definitely buy this brand again. (Since you get eight bags in the order, I gave my mom a bag, my sister a bag, and a friend a bag of these wafers and they all told me the same thing…they love them, what great lemon taste, etc. and wanted to know where they could purchase them.)
LynwoodBeaver Dam, WI

Bet you can’t eat just one!

Previously, these lemon wafer cookies were sold at Wal Mart; however, they no longer carry them. Recently, I discovered that Trader Joe’s carried a chocolate version and I inquired if they carried the lemon but no, they discontinued carrying the lemon as well. So, I googled and found that Amazon.com was a source for the cookies. YES, I can now satisfy that craving for a truly lip smacking little lemon wafer. While I ordered only one box of them the first time, I will be ordering two boxes the next time–I have a friend and her husband who also enjoy puckering up! Try them, you will love them!
ElmiraBreinigsville, PA

Special treat

I tried this product at a friend’s house and had to get some for myself. I was delighted to find them on Amazon for half the price listed on another so called wholesale site. These make a great treat and would make a wonderful gift if you can keep your hands off of them. Everyone who tried mine thought they were much better than they had expected from such a simple product. Having no hydrogenated oils is a definite plus, but watch the saturated fat if cholesterol is an issue for you.
TheressaDexter, GA


I love these cookies! what can I say. They are worth buying in bulk! Yum. Bet you can’t eat just one.
MaganLockport, NY

Great tasting

These are super high quality wafers. I have had many kinds and this brand is the best I have ever had.
BulahWest Willow, PA


MerissaElgin, MN

oh what a tasty treat!

we have polished off the hazelnut and are moving next to the vanilla–along with more hazelnut! the price here is very good–i paid $5.49 per bag at Duane Reade. But, like one of the other reviewers, if I buy 8 here, oh they will be GONE! i’m not one for moderation when it comes to treats that i love.
AliciaCicero, IL


I first tried these cookies while visiting family in Panama. They were available at the local grocery stores. When I came back to the U.S. I couldn’t find them locally but thank goodness for AMZAZON, I found them and at an affordable price. I order a carton of eight packages and share them with friends. They are a delightfully light and fresh tasting treat that soon become nearly addictive. I have tried some of Loacker’s other flavors but the lemon is my all time favorite. I am tempted to subscribe to them!!
MoiraTuluksak, AK

Real Nice. Light Fresh Lemon Taste. Mmmmm.

Here’s another of the little items I find in my nearby Fresh and Easy store. It’s a British company and they have a lot of imported items. This trip I picked up a bag of Loacker Quadratini Lemon Wafer Cookies. Oh boy, are these good! They disappear real fast. Be ready to apply controls. They’re very light and tasty and not overly sweet. The filing has a real light, fresh lemon taste. Real nice. Just right. Just give it a bite and a couple light chews and it’s gone and your hand is involuntarily reaching for another one. Mmmmm. Now how am I ever going to keep these around the house? Well, I guess that a lot of others feel the same way. Did you notice that on the 33 reviews, 30 gave it five stars?

Gary Peterson

NidiaHerman, PA

sounds good

I bought these for my mom and she loved them so much, she won’t eat any other cookies. This from a 100 year old who is very picky!
TashiaZwolle, LA

WARNING: Addictive! Ohhhhh so good!

These wafers need to come with a big warning “Addictive”! It takes a lot of self control to stop eating them. If I did not exercise a lot of self control I would eat a whole bag. Wafers come in a resealable bag, and in theory can last a long time… but in my house the longest one bag lasted was 2 days!

I bought the lemon flavor of Loacker’s Quadratini wafers. They have a nice strong lemon flavor – nicely tart with a sweet creamy finish, crunchy and pleasant on your tongue. You can chew a wafer to get the pleasant crunch on just hold it in your mouth and let it melt slowly. Either way you will get an extra ordinary taste experience!

I am attaching a photo and two cookies shown from different angles. Each cookie is 1 inch square. Each consists of 74% lemon cream and 26% wafer.

Wafers have no artificial flavors or colorants, and no preservatives.

Unbleached wheat flour, pressed coconut oil, glucose syrup, sugar, whey powder (milk), dextrose, soy flour, barley malt extract, lemon juice powder 2%, salt, leavening agents (sodium hydrogen cargonate, disodium diphosphate), emulsifier soy lecithin, natural vanilla pods, lemon-peel-oil, spices.

Loacker wafers are made in Austria and Loackers company had been known for their wafers since 1925.

Ohhhh, so good! I signed up for regular deliveries with Subscribe & Save.

Ali Julia review

RenettaFillmore, IN

If you are trying to lose weight stay away.

These are amazing and addicting. It is hard to put them down after you start. They have a good richness and is mostly filling not wafer.
CiraCedar Bluffs, NE

Delicate Hazelnut Wafer Cookies: Magnificent!

These are essentially the yummiest, most delicate wafer cookies I’ve come across. The hazelnut tastes exactly like Nutella, perfect. Each little cookie is 0.5 Weight Watchers points, which is terrific for those of us watching our figures. I usually have four cookies (2 points) with my tea and am VERY satisfied. They taste so decadent. I’m going to try the Lemon next and hopefully will be able to track down the Espresso flavor!
QueenKeego Harbor, MI

Melt in Your Mouth

I opened the box when I had two friends visiting! They went home with at least two packages each as they were having weekend guests. I still have a bunch. They were a hit. They are so fresh and so satisfying. I just ordered the chocolate ones for next time. I plan never to be without them. I want them on the tea table always. Trust me. Read the label – they are great.

So, I am adding to the review! The two friends who were here when the cookies arrived, I had shared some of the cookies with them raved about the cookies, wanted to know where I got them and are ordering them. One had a house full of guests and I had given her 2 sacks, knowing she was having Pumpkin Festival guests – she said they all want these cookies. I think they are all natural products so that helps. I have the chocolate ones in my shopping cart but am holding off as I am eating too many, I ate – alone – one sack on the weekend. I dare not open more this week. You have to try these. I am sure I did not dream about them. They are not too sweet. I think you can read the ingredients. Great for people with braces. Sigh!

OKAY, OKAY, OKAY – I AM BACK TO ADD ON . . . I just bought the dark Chocolate – I don’t even like dark Chocolate so I chose that as friends will like them for dessert and I won’t be tempted (fat chance) to eat them. I know I will. These are the best cookies ever and my lemon ones went so fast. You will love these cookies!

SungMarshall, MN


Oh my sweetness. These wafer cookies blow my mind!!!
I’m not a big fan of waffles or wafers, I usually perfer chocolate chip regular cookies as my treat. Until my mom brought home this, which is a complete disaster because we both are completly like obsessed with it now even though we only bought like one bag at time (trying to have self-control here) Eventhoughe me and my mom havent buy these on amazon yet but I just want to tell you guys how AWESOME those afer cookies are!!
I mean I have never taste something this creamy and delicate. The dark chocolate flavored totally rocked my world~ and from seeing all the reviews makes me want to try the lemon ones so baddd.
TiaBurson, CA

refreshing and delicious healthy cookies

This is a healthy snack. If you can control yourself, just a few are satisfying. The lemon is
refreshing with just the right taste of sweetness. I keep them in stock.
HerbertBliss, NY

Loved the Dark Chocolate; now I want to try the Lemon…

I ran across the dark chocolate ones in Italy at an Autogrill highway rest area. There were snacks aplenty, but the picture on the bag + the fact that it had an extra 20% attracted me. So, I got a 10.58 oz bag! I find them satisfying after eating just a few. It seemed like a never-ending bag. I googled when I got home, hoping to figure out where to buy more, and ended up here. I’m glad I did because, after reading some other reviews, now I’m anxious to try the lemon ones!
RaquelMarengo, OH

Best tasting wafers!

I bought almond flavor and wow, these are seriously the best tasting wafer snacks I’ve ever tasted.
I am in love. Can’t wait until I try more flavors.
DespinaWest, MS

Loacker Quadratini Lemon Wafer Cookie

This wafer has the best tart and freshest lemon flavor than any other lemon cookie ever! Put them in the freezer and they taste is even better.
LucySalyersville, KY


These wafers are PHENOMENAL! They are creamy, not too sweet (I had the regular chocolate ones) and perfect for whether you want just a few or a bunch. They are light and have a lovely texture. I bought these at World Market.
RufusCallaway, VA

Super delectable!

These little Loacker Quadratinis are delicious – in ANY flavor!! Some flavors are hard to find (or to nab on Amazon, since they sell so quickly!) but you will never be disappointed by these perfectly bite-sized pieces of chocolate, or lemon, or tiramisu, or (my fave) hazelnut!! You will be hooked on them!! The only trouble you will have is knowing WHEN to STOP eating them!! I LOVE THEM!! And I keep coming back to Amazon for more, as they have the very best price for the Loacker offerings!!
MelodySussex, NJ

Simply the best wafers ever!!!!

These are the best wafers I have EVER tasted. I have a sweet tooth and traveled the world (so I have tried many sweets) but nothing compares to these wafers.
Also there is one other flavour Amazon does not seem to sell and that is the coconut wafers. Absolutely unbelievable taste and this is an understatement. It has the perfect combination of sweetness, flavor, size and once you start eating it you cannot stop.

My favorite are Tiramisu, Lemon, Hazelnut and Coconut. The rest are fantastic too but I have my own I like the best. Italian products – cannot improve on perfect.

Watch your waist line though 😛

MarshallCaruthers, CA