lobster claw and knuckle meat, cooked, product of canada, 2 LBS, frozen

pure lobster meat from the atlantic waters of Canada

Quick facts

  • lobster claw and knuckle meat
  • wild caught
  • product of canada
  • excellent for all lobster recipes

Top reviews

Perfect in every way……..

I could not be happier with this lobster meat – perfectly packaged and delivered frozen solid – absolutely delicious. I found the price of this product to be very reasonable; I have ordered from another company at twice the price and was horribly disappointed. I hate to cook, but love lobster and hate the muss and fuss of live lobster. I prepared this lobster “lazy woman” style….simmered in butter and reduced, pinch of salt and served on lightly toasted french bread. My next order will be arriving soon and I will be preparing the same way for my son who is an accomplished chef, after he mows the lawn. 🙂
HarleyElmendorf Afb, AK

Even if you dislike seafood as I do buy this for someone you love!

I honestly cannot speak as to the quality of this product since I really dislike seafood.I enjoy making meals I don’t care for I was for a birthday dinner for a friend.I used the lobster meat to make lobster chowder fallowed by a t-bone steak,two lobster tails & twiced baked potatoes w/asparagus w/hollandaise sauce.My friend was humming for quite some time!I would purchase this lobster meat again and it arrived in just a couple of days wich blew my mind.
TysonHardaway, AL