London Pub Malt Vinegar, 12.7-Ounce Glass

London Pub® Original Malt Vinegar. Traditional British flavor.

Quick facts

  • Vinegar Malt (Pack of 6)

Top reviews

London Pub malt vinegar

This has been my introduction to malt vinegar on fries. I’m not a ketchup person and I really like fry sauce so I decided to try some of this to see what Brits do. This cost $2 a bottle at WalMart. It was this brand or Heinz and this was 10 cents cheaper! I’ve used London Pub steak sauce and liked that product.

This has good flavor. Kind of a bit sour as vinegar would be. Not overpowing. Gives the fries nice taste. I think I will stick to fry sauce though since it’s so yummy!

SelmaVictoria, MS