LorAnn Extracts, Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract, 4-Ounce Bottles

LorAnn Extracts, Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract, 4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6) are made with the finest ingredients available. The best vanilla beans grown in Madagascar for our pure & natural line of Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Bean Paste, and Vanilla Sugar are used to make this extract.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 4 ounce each (total of 24 ounces)
  • Beans grown in Madagascar for our pure & natural line is used
  • All natural buttery flavor and aroma

Top reviews

There’s a better way

I am sure this is a great product. Madagascar vanilla beans and alcohol. It’s very easy to make your own for about the same money and you get a lifetime supply of pure vanilla extract. All you need is madagascar vanilla beans (purchased on Amazon) and 80 proof vodka (liqour store), and amber colored jars (do an internet search it’s very inexpensive). I made my own vanilla a few years ago, bottled it, labeled it and gave some as gifts, and I am left with a lifetime supply of the very best vanilla extract I’ve ever used. Once the the folks that I gave it to as gifts, they have asked for the recipe and have made their own and thank me constantly for sharing the recipe and a saving them tons of money.
RachellCorinth, VT

Better quality and price than grocery store vanilla

Since the ingredients weren’t printed on the Amazon listing, I contacted the manufacturer and asked before purchasing. I received a prompt, courteous, accurate reply. The ingredients are vanilla extracts and alcohol. For comparison, the ingredients in the vanilla extract we purchased at the grocery store (McCormick) were vanilla extract, water, alcohol, and corn syrup. The taste and quality of the LorAnn extract is great. It arrived very well packaged, with each individual glass bottle wrapped in bubble wrap. The product was perfectly fresh – the expiration date was about two and a half years away still. We will be using this product from now on.

Note: At the time of this review, the product photo was incorrect on the Amazon website, but the actual product we received was correct.

RamonaMonessen, PA

Adds nice flavor to cooking

I make lots of cookies, and this vanilla gives them a nice taste. Plus it was on sale.
TinyBordentown, NJ

Wonderful Flavor!

While I love buying from Amazon, I was a bit concerned about getting vanilla extract in the mail (bottles breaking, yuck). However, everything about this product is great, including the packaging! They arrived in perfect condition. The extract itself is wonderful. The flavor, is as the label implies, pure. It’s the best tasting vanilla extract I’ve ever had and it’s much, much cheaper per ounce than buying it at the grocery store. Since there’re six in a package, share it with others works well too. I’ll definitely be buying this (and other LorAnn products) again.
SarinaAbbyville, KS


This is a great-tasting vanilla without all the junk in there. I love this – it’s the first time I’ve bought this brand and I am very pleased. We make our own vanilla ice cream and this vanilla makes it absolutely heavenly!
RosioIntervale, NH

Best Value and Quality, using Natural Ingredients,Tastes Great!

I am very impressed with LorAnn Extracts Pure Vanilla Extract, it tastes wonderfull, is a great value at only $1.36 oz. It comes in 4 oz bottles in a pack of 6. You get only what you want, no added junk or sweetners, just the vanilla extract and alcohol. It comes safely and neatly packed in a cardboard container, each glass bottle safely seperated from each other by cardboard. This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered from this company on Amazon and I have always been satisfied with the product and the delivery time. Excellent all the way!
BellaOden, AR

The BEST Vanilla Extract

The smell of this vanilla extract says it all. The flavor in baking comes through so nicely. Some vanillas have no flavor at all. This is the “secret” ingredient to many of my delicious baked goods. The aroma is fantastic!
ShavondaHarrison, MI

Fine Quality Vanilla

I purchase this product to give as small gifts at Christmas for friends who enjoy baking. Both the extracts and the vanilla bean paste are always appreciated.
ToshaHallett, OK

love this brand

I had ordered a pack of 6. When they arrived, obviously at least one had broken in the box as it was soaked and smelling of vanilla! I found two bottles broken. The bottles had been packed too loosely with only a piece of cardboard between them. I contacted Amazon about it and they not only replaced the two that had broken, but all the rest of the pack as well! I was very pleased with Amazon’s service.
RaeleneOrrington, ME