Loving Pets Pure Buffalo 6-Inch Backstrap Tendon Dog Treat, 20-Pack

Loving Pets’ primary concern is your pet’s health. That’s why our Pure Buffalo 100-percent Natural Dog Treats contain no additives or preservatives. In fact, they are made from the finest quality free-range, grass-fed buffalo available. No worries about disease, hormones or antibiotics. Pure Buffalo 100-percent natural dog treats are available in many varieties and sizes including bones, bully sticks, braided sticks, meat strips, knuckles and lung steaks.

Quick facts

  • 100-percent natural dog treats
  • Buffalo is a healthier, leaner alternative to beef
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural desire to chew
  • Hours of enjoyment for your pet
  • helps to eliminate destructive chewing
  • Helps maintain proper dental health
  • removes tartar and massages gums

Top reviews


Like stated above, these are dangerous. It’s like giving your dog buffalo flavored glass. I didn’t like how it was shattering while my dog was chewing on it, I decided to inspect a piece by breaking it with my fingers and sliced my finger open. They might be fine for a small dog to nibble on, but my medium sized dog (38 lbs) shattered one of these things into pocket-knife-like shards within seconds. Better off giving your dog cooked chicken bones.
NicolleBoynton, OK

Long lasting and all natural

Brownie loves the taste and I love that its healthy and long lasting. It kept him busy for about 3 hours! The bully sticks didn’t even keep him busy for an hour and they are much more expensive. Plus it doesn’t stink like the bully sticks. As with any chew, you must supervise your dog in case they bite off big chunks which can be a choking hazard. Lucky me, brownie only bites off small pieces at a time and never tries to swallow anything without chewing.

Update 9/10/12 Unfortunately it gave Brownie a little bit of diarhhea both days that I gave it to him, so I can no longer give him these. I wonder if it’s the treat or Brownie……

BlancaCornish, ME

At best, awful. At worst, dangerous.

My dog enjoys gnawing on tendons and has tried many brands in the past two years. I went out on a limb and decided to try ordering a whole bag online AND trying a new brand which seemed more ethical.

These were nothing like any tendon we’ve bought in the past. Instead of softening and being chewable, they SHATTERED in her mouth. After I picked up the broken-glass-like shards and tossed them out, vowing to return them, I discovered that she had a sliver lodged in her throat!

If these are even tendons, they are a nightmare.

ErynJoliet, IL