Low-Sodium Heart Health Sampler Basket

Our Low-Sodium Heart Health Basket is especially designed for heart patients on a sodium-restricted diet or for anyone interested in watching their sodium intake. The sodium-free and low-sodium foods included have been chosen specifically for their ability to promote heart health–and each one proves that a heart-healthy diet can be absolutely delicious! Contents of the Low-Sodium Heart Health Sampler Basket: Mrs. May’s Toppers (Sodium content = 20 mg) Cherry De-Lites Dried Cherries Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Sodium content = <26g) Green Tea (Sodium content = 0mg) Honey Sticks Fruit Flavored Honey (Sodium Content = 0mg) Almondina Healthy Cookies (Sodium content = <11mg) Just Blueberries Bare Fruit Apple Chips Recommended Food Guide for Heart Health Handmade Basket

Quick facts

  • Low Sodium
  • Heart Healthy
  • All Natural

Top reviews

poor information

I ordered this for a sick friend. There was no opportunity in the process to leave a note for her, but i figured the paperwork would at least say who it was from. Instead she just got the package with no additional information whatsoever. She was intending to call the company to find out who sent it, but we connected before then. That said, it did arrive quickly…
DuaneLeonia, NJ