LU Cookies Pim’s Raspberry, Soft Biscuits with Rapberry Filling, 5.29-Ounce Packages

Take a luxurious break and enjoy these charming, sweet European cookies. Pims are soft, sweet biscuits with sweet raspberry filling, covered with smooth chocolate. Three distinctive yet complimentary flavors all in one delicious cookie. Enjoy the yummy raspberry flavor for a special occasion or an everyday treat. Stock up on these delightful imported European biscuits with a pack of six 5.29-ounce boxes.

Quick facts

  • Take a luxurious break and enjoy these charming, sweet European cookies.
  • Pims are soft, sweet biscuits with sweet raspberry filling, covered with smooth chocolate.
  • Three distinctive yet complimentary flavors all in one delicious cookie.
  • Enjoy the yummy raspberry flavor for a special occasion or an everyday treat.
  • Stock up on these delightful imported European biscuits with a pack of six 5.29-ounce boxes.
  • Pack of six, 5.29-ounces per unit (total of 31.74 ounces)
  • An intensely luscious combination of three distinct tastes
  • With smooth European chocolate, tangy orange flavored filling and soft, sweet biscuit

Top reviews

not so yummy

If you are hoping to buy the same product you enjoyed in France this is not the one for you. The price is OK, I subscribed to get the best price, yet this product compares with any “butter cookie” found here. Just “so so”.
JeffryEckelson, ND

OH OH not good! BAD RATING!!!

I just got my order.
My order was supposed to be 15 boxes of cookies with and extra charge for “ice” to be placed in the carton to protect the items.
I didn’t get any ice in the package and the stuff that was in the package wasn’t what I ordered.

I got two packages of cookies that were removed from their boxes and thrown into a cardboard box!

I called Amazon and they said they will wait three days then make a refund if the seller doesn’t make good on this order.

I am sure if they don’t make good they will not be selling anything at Amazon and from the looks of the setup i’d be willing to make a wager that they are long gone!

I love the cookies! But these guys who sold them to be are BAD!!!

BarbieVanduser, MO

Would not buy again

I love Lu products.. but these came melted with each two stuck together and the taste was average.

My problems may have been due to shipping in hot weather.

IveyWest Dennis, MA

Slow delivery at exorbitant cost

For a shipping charge of over $8, you’d think they would get the order out the door in less than 10 days for an item listed as ” in stock” – the cookies are good (my wife’s favorIte), but the vendor’s service is abominable!
MarcellusWallace, ID

crisp but a little too sweet

The flavor is good but this cookie is much too sweet for my taste. It’s surprising for a French product since I find their pastries to be less cloying or sugary than American desserts. The best I can say of these is that they’re crunchy…if that’s what you’re looking for.
ErikMonterville, WV


They shipped on time, but in the last minute. The product is an entire disappointment! The chocolate on the biscuits melted and solidified again. Consequently, the biscuits were stuck together! You could simply ate several pieces at one time, since you could not separate them without crushing them!
AdalineCutchogue, NY

good but not fantastic

these are good but not fantastic. Also do not order in hot weather as the chocolate will melt.
TammeraMeredithville, VA


I’ve said it before ya got chocolate ya got orange = great treats
time to get the coffee going. coffee plus treat = happy me.
These are great cookies too!
JacklynBay City, WI

I prefer raspberry

These are well made, delightful cookies. Very sweet. I ordered ’em three times but in the raspberry flavor. Tried the orange but the orangey taste dosen’t seem to come through enough. The chocolate topping is the very best.Just choose your flavor. Great cookies to serve guests.Fancy and delicious.
AletaDixie, WV

these are good, but

I first tried this AWESOME cookies in Spain. They were so good! However they are not widely available at home in the US. I was pleased to fine them on Amazon. However, when I recieved the package, the cookies were sub par. The chocolate was likt they had been left in a hot room for days on end before shipping.
JereMendon, IL

Not a good idea

I like so much these biscuits. They’re so great but there was a little space of time (I think) where heat caused cookies were pasted each other. Is not a good idea to ask for chocolate or something like that.
JameOak Hall, VA

Great (and as the other review mentions, don’t order in the summer)

I got a box of these and they were great. A nice chocolate covered biscuit. They are perfect for eating a few at a time.

Definately don’t order in the summer like I did. The chocolate melted and when it hardened again the stack of cookies was stuck together and had to pry them apart. Still, I’ll order these again.

DonnetteHearne, TX

Ah, Back In France Again!

Seems France knows what to do with butter (beurre). If you’ve ever sampled the delicious butter made in the north, in Brittany and Normandy, you know what I’m saying. The French are masters of using butter in cooking. So, in turn, the French know butter cookies. These are French butter cookies, and it’s quite a treat finding them on Amazon. Vive Le Petit Beurre!
ClarenceColeman, MI

There is NO better tea cookie out there!

I never bother to write reviews but I am SO SAD that Amazon doesn’t carry these cookies anymore that i had to write a eulogy. I had these on subscribe and save and was ordering about 3 cases a month. My husband is English and we drink a lot of tea in this house and there is seriously no better tea cookie. These cookies are pretty good dry, but dunked in a hot cup of milky tea they are total heaven. Since Amazon isn’t carrying them anymore I am going to have to figure out another way to get my fix.
JoseRural Hall, NC


These cookies are just da bomb and their calorie count is relatively low at the same time. Get these and you’ll know why people in Belgium and France even eat these for breakfast or lunch.
NanetteThomasville, AL

Orange and dark chocolate…yum…

One of my favorite flavor combinations is orange and dark chocolate. I saw these on my grocery store shelf one day & decided to give them a try. I wasn’t totally sure of what I was getting. The word ‘biscuit’ confused me, but I’d heard that the British use that word for cookie. The biscuit is more of a soft cookie about 1/4″ thick; it’s topped with a stiff orange jelly & iced with a thin layer of dark chocolate icing. One of these cookies will satisfy my craving. I tried the raspberry flavor, but prefer the orange.

Serving Size: 2
Servings per 5.29 oz Container: 6
Calories: 100
Total Fat: 3 g
~Saturated Fat: 1.5g
~Trans Fat: 0
Cholesterol: 10mg
Sodium: 35mg
Total Carbohydrate: 17 g
Dietary Fiber: 0
Sugars: 14g
Protein: <1g

Ingredients listed on product page under Important Information
Made in Belgium

CollenJigger, LA

very good taste

Rich buttery taste and flavor. This rich tea bisquit has soft and rich taste, very good with black tea. Much better than le petit beurre. Highy recommended.
ShirlByrdstown, TN

Best little cookie in the world

These cookies have a rich buttery taste and only 23 calories per cookie. Good tasting and not fattening. This could start a trend.. Keep up the good work Lu Cookies.
YuriDowell, MD


Very rich but good. Don’t plan on eating more than a few at a time. Great with some hot tea.
HongGladstone, MI

Great shortbread cookies!

These seem to fly out of stock as soon as they are available and for good reason. They are great cookies! Catching these on the current deal of two packs for $25.00 made my day but I enjoy them even at regular price. I like to eat them with ice cream or milk. However, if you like shortbread…you’ll probably like them anytime!
IraidaHartville, OH

Probably the best Petite Beurre biscuits on the market

These are the best of the many petite beurre biscuits that are on the market from various vendors. Maybe it’s the french butter, maybe it is the flour, but regardless, these are the best. Highly recommended. NO CORN SYRUP!!
KimberliHinsdale, MA


These are marvelous treats. Delicate, cinnamony flavored. Crisp, delightful texture. I’d order them from Belgium if I couldn’t get them through Amazon.
AudriaSharpsburg, IA

Long Standing Favorite!

I have known these butter cookies for close to 18 years, since a lovely French lady…a.k.a., my wife, introduced them to me. We enjoy them plain, but usually spread a bit of jam on them. We both consider them an extraordinarily delicious treat!
MelainePerry, MI

bons comme chez nous!

I love these cookies! They are just like other French cookies called Pepito. The only problem is that once you open the box you can’t just have one. I have them with a glass of cold milk or a nice cup of tea.
I have brought them to the high school French class I teach, and the students simply loved them!
It is great finding them on Amazon as not all our local grocery stores carry them. We are addicted!
SusyRandolph, WI

Great little dessert cookie, or “chocolate and orange, together at last”

My late father’s favorite flavor combination was orange and chocolate. His confection of choice was candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate. When he passed away in his 80’s we found a small stash of chocolate-covered orange jellies in the cupboard–his treat. He’d have LOVED this cookies. They are soft sponge biscuits with a layer of stiff orange jelly and a brittle dark chocolate topping. The combination is delectable–the soft biscuit, orangey jelly and the crackle of the bitter chocolate on top. A few of these make a great dessert with a cup of espresso. They come in raspberry flavor as well, which I tried and it’s also absolutely terrific. So keep a tube of these on hand and if required to produce a dessert or afternoon refreshment for a sudden visitor, make a cup of coffee and put a few of these on a nice paper doily. Done.
DesiraeChoctaw, AR

Best cookies ever!

Someone gave me a box of these, and they were the best cookies I ever ate — tasty, chocolaty, and just the right amount of crispiness. When I couldn’t find more at any of my local stores, I had to order a 6-pack here! And the LU Le Chocolatier cookies I bought from Amazon arrived in perfect condition and just as excellent as the first box I tried.
LeSheffield, AL

Excellent LU Cookies

The LU Cinnamon Sugar Spice cookies are simply wonderful . . . especially with a cup of tea during the winter months! Although many of the LU brand cookies can be found in local markets, none of these stores offer this delicious treat. Kudos to Amazon for keeping me well-stocked with these tasty treats.
LincolnCanjilon, NM

I’ve loved them since i was a child

I’ve been eating these Belgian cookies since i was a child growing up in Belgium. They’re a very old cookie called Couques de Bastogne (Bastogne cookies, from the town where the Battle of the Bulge took place). They were first marketed in the U.S. under that name but since that didn’t mean much to Americans the name’s been changed several times over the 20 or so years I’ve seen them around. My local grocery store (I live in the Rockies) was carrying them, then Nabisco took over the LU brand and quit carrying the Bastogne here. I just bought several boxes in NYC at a deli next to Time Square and really wanted more. So happy to have found them on Amazon.

They’re a bit sweet, that’s true, and that is a bit unusual for a European cookie but they make the best dunking cookie: cold milk, coffee of hot chocolate. They’re similar to the the Lotus cinnamon cookie also made in Belgium that Delta serves on its flights. sorry the name escapes me. I prefer the texture of the Cinnamon Sugar Spice; it’s lighter.

YuetteHarlan, IN

Great cookies

Great taste and go well with coffee. They are wrapped into two packs inside the box, which is useful for snacks for the kids. It is also helpful because once you open a pack, they get a bit stale couple days later.
KathleneCedar, KS

taste like homemade cookies

My family and I loved those cookies. In a matter of fact, I need to order some more. They reminded me of spiced cookies I used to make for Xmas.
ValentinYukon, WV