Lucini Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25oz

LUCINI hand picks at precisely the right time and presses our olives within 24 hours of harvest to produce a delicious olive oil with less than 1/2 the acidity of regular extra virgin. The lower the acidity, the higer the quality. Compared to bland, regular extra virgin olive oil, LUCINI’s authentic flavor confirms that nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

Quick facts

  • Lucini Premium Select Olive Oil, 25.5 Fluid ounces
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Italian Olives

Top reviews

The best EVOO this side of the Atlantic!

In Italy, I am fortunate enough to pick up homemade unbranded EVOO. Outside of Italy, this is the best EVOO. I can’t believe how delightful it is. Sometimes, I get the urge to drink it. It is really that good. I wouldn’t use this to cook unless it is part of the sauce. I often use it in salads, breads, light pastas. This makes my pesto stand apart from the rest. I can’t say enough about this EVOO. It is so good. For those familiar, the flavor resembles the type of oils from southern Italy or more specifically, Puglia.
AliceGilmer, TX

I LOVE this Olive Oil – the only kind I buy for drizzling … dipping

My sister turned me onto this olive oil. I have tried others after she gave me a bottle as a gift, but this is just the best and I had to buy it myself! Great color and flavor. Not overpowering. It is a little pricey but well worth it. I use it for drizzling on those farmer market tomatoes and a lovely drizzle on pizzas covered in fresh mozzarella and dipping bread in! YUM! I’ve bought online here and at specialty stores and recently – my local grocery. I cannot bear to live without this oil!
NilsaCardale, PA

Expensive but Super Good

FANTASTIC olive oil. I didn’t know what olive oil was supposed to taste like, but this is it, apparently. Awesome flavor and aroma with no bite. I tasted it next to cheap oil, with bread. It’s at least 40% better. I wouldn’t use it in cooking due to the price, but for topping and dipping, it’s top notch.
JoieNew Leipzig, ND