Lucini Riserva Balsamic Vinegar I.G.P, 8.5 oz

Lucini Balsamic Vinegar Riserva 1 Years Old, 8.5 Ounce

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  • Lucini Balsamic Vinegar Riserva 1 Years Old, 8.5 Ounce

Top reviews

Great Value!

I live in the panhandle of Florida. Limited selection. High prices! This balsamic half the price.
better tasting. Than anything that’s available to me.
CynthiaVerona, IL

Love this

We were looking for a replacement balsamic vinegar. Previously, we had bought one from California which we loved, but shipping became prohibitive. Tried this brand, and liked it as much as the previous one(if not more). Will continue with this brand.
LeopoldoLaona, WI

Great with a nice olive oil

I bought this along with an oil & vinegar pour for a small Valentines Day present for my boyfriend. He is a great cook and likes to whip up a light appetizer to tide us over when dinner is cooking.

I was very happy with the purchase. The vinegar has a nice slightly sweet tang, and goes perfect with a good olive oil and french bread. This doesn’t have an overly acidic vinegary taste like some cheaper balsamics might. He was wonderfully surprised and I will be adding this to my shopping list again.

LiliPardeesville, PA

Outstanding flavor in vinaigrette

I tried this balsamic vinegar in Chef Emeril’s recipe for “Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette”
(posted on the foodnetwork site)
This stuff is so good! I give it 5 stars. I also give Emeril’s recipe 5 stars too.
DickHartford, SD

below expectation

Over the years I have tasted dozens of balsamic vinagars. In general, the better products cost more but at any price level there can be considerable variation. At this price, I expected much better. This vinager is thin and lacking body. It has a band almost insipid taste that is lost in every dish. Expect to use twice as much as you normally do to preserve any distinctive taste. You should be able to get a similar product at half the cost.
MagdaEdenville, MI

Not bad compared to some local brands

Although this Basalmic vinegar is good and had a high recommendation from Cooks Illustrated I’ve had similar quality and taste from a product purchased from Wegmans in Rochester, NY. It is their brand and has “4 leafs” to indicate the quality level. The price is comparable as well.
KarolineHoneoye, NY

Wonderful with Tuscan EVOO

I use it with the estate EVOO from Il Borro (Ferragamo property near San Guistino Valdarno) which I much prefer to those recommended by the editors of the Cook’s Illustrated series.

The price and quality are fine.

GarrettPalmyra, ME

Even my husband could taste the difference!

Decided I would try a more expensive balsamic vinegar to see if all were “created equal”.
I make a side dish regularly for my family….saute’ fresh brussel sprouts in garlic and olive oil until soft…then pour balsamic vinegar on them and serve hot or cooled. The last time I made them I used this vinegar — but did NOT tell family they were eating a more expensive balsamic vinegar. My husband (who is the LEAST picky person I’ve ever met) said at the dinner table while eating the sprouts – “wow, I really like these sprouts this time. They taste so much better, what did you do different. ” I took great pleasure in telling him it was because he was eating them with expensive balsamic vinegar! He usually takes pride in the fact he doesn’t care and can’t tell the difference between poor quality or good quality things! How sad for him to realize he just gave me the “approval” to buy expensive vinegar! I figure if he can tell the difference — then it certainly is a great product!
KasiPaterson, WA

Great Product

We have been using Lucini extra virgin olive oil for years because of it’s top rating […] and this balsamic vinegar was also top rated by Cooks Illustrated magazine. Love it… …Thanks!
MarcelinoRed Jacket, WV