Lucks Edible Image, Pirate Skull

Lucks Food Decorating Company is the leading manufacturer of edible food decorations for cakes and confections. They offer innovative, time saving products, such as Edible Image decorations and Dec-Ons molded sugar decorations. Lucks Edible products are made in the USA in FDA inspected and registered facilities. All three products described below will meld to the cake surface by absorbing moisture from the food item, cut easily after application and are freeze-thaw stable. Printed with stable food colors on a starch and sugar base. Edible Image designs are flat-printed edible designs that can be applied to cakes, cookies, ice cream cakes and other edible goods. Designer Prints were created to bring design to the side of the cake, They match up from strip to strip and can easily be wrapped around your desserts. Shimmer Ribbons present the same stunning finish as satin ribbon, but are completely edible and do not need to be removed from the cake prior to eating. They work well on all types of icing: buttercream, chocolate, fondant, non-dairy whipped topping and cream cheese icing.

Quick facts

  • Basic application instructions are included for handling basics, FAQs, tips, techniques and nutrition information; Please go to the Lucks website homepage
  • Store Edible Image designs in their original resealable bag in a cool, dark place and make sure the bag is completely sealed when you are done; If you are located in arid or humid temperatures properly storing images is important for optimum application
  • The following ingredients are not used in this manufacturing facility and will not come into contact with the products being produced: wheat, milk, eggs, fish, shell-fish (crustaceans) peanuts and/or tree nuts; Lucks products are also gluten-free
  • Allergens : none; Soy lecithin is used in some colors used to print edible image decorations; Designer prints and Designer prints sheets; Orthodox Union Kosher certified
  • Packaged in its original box and then additionally shrink wrapped; Gently remove the image from the backing sheet; Place the image on the surface of the cake

Top reviews

Looks Amazing!!

This looked AMAZING on my son’s cake!! He absolutely loved it! Super easy to put on and looks so cool!
RockyBarnesville, MD