Lucky Country Licorice, Strawberry, 15 Pound Case

Lucky country Aussie style soft gourmet licorice.

Quick facts

  • 98% fat free
  • Soft and chewy
  • Bold flavor

Top reviews


I was not satisfied with this purchase. The advertisement was for a bulk container and the licorice came in 5 plastic bags. 2 of the bags were torn open as a result of the shipping process. The licorice itself is an excellent product but the item identified was not as ordered.

I will not purchase this item here again.

RolandeDorset, VT

Made in the US version, not the same recipe as Imported from Austrailia version

I thought, wow, bulk Lucky Country Red Licorice, sweet, but alas no, it is a mass produced Americanized version from Lucky Country’s new US manufacturing plant. The recipe is completely different from the Lucky Country Red Licorice (same brand, same name) that is Imported from Australia. The original recipe has more real licorice despite being a red licorice, and is much softer. The Made in US version is your typical chewy waxy candy licorice with barely a hint of licorice, just pure sweet. Shame on Lucky Country for taking a high end sophisticated product and watering it down like every licorice sold in every drug store in the US. I’m heading back to Target or Trader Joe’s for the real thing.
MickieInman, KS

Off-brand badness

For a licorice addict this will do, but it isn’t any better than Twizzlers, and might be worse.
HildeGlendale, RI

did not taste like the one we bought in Costco

this candy was ok, but it had a different taste than the one we had previously bought at Costco, even though it was supposed to be the same flavor. But, the one in Costco said “new improved recipe” perhaps this one was the old recipe. I was disapointed. But the quality of the candy was fine. Just not the same as the one I already had. So, this candy is not being eaten any nearly as fast.This candy was a brighter red color, and not as soft. However, this candy did have a stronger strawberry flavor.
LeandraWindham, CT

Better in the Bags than in the tubs

I received Old Country licorice in a gift basket for Valentine’s day and fell in love. I ordered it in the 4/ 1 lb. tubs shown here and received it this past week. It is not soft, in fact it is a bit on the tough side. If you are considering making an order, wait for the bags. I do not think that the tubs are airtight.
BernieceHunker, PA

Not what I ordered

I ordered Lucky Country Licorice Black Cheery 16 oz tubs (Pack of 4) and that is not what I received. I was sent Black Currant which is awful so now what do I do?
SangOntario, NY


I had purchased the Black licorice and thought it to be some of the best I’d ever had, and I do love licorice. Ordered this only because the Black was not available, but found it tastes more like Grape, of which I am not fond.
AnissaWest Eaton, NY

Good stuff

My favorite. Soft, just chewy enough, and very flavorful. Not sure how this price compares to Costco.
JuanNorthfield, MN


I have been buying Lucky Country Licorice for about a year now. When I quit smoking it helped to have some to chew on. Great flavor and texture. The strawberry is impossible to find in the stores around here so was real excited to find it at
RichelleRobertsville, OH

Lucky country Licorice

This product was chewy and had a good flavor. I first tried it at Cracker Barrel but Amazon is cheaper and you get more product for the buck.
MelaniHill City, ID

Almost to good to share

I like Licorice…but Lucky Country Aussiie Style Licorice I love. It comes in different fruit flavors. Doesnt have that platic taste like the flavored twizzlers do.
In fact these are a bit different than regular licorice. Theyre better. They come thicker and pretty solid they are not hollow. The texture is a cross betwen a regular licorice and a fruit snack. I love these things.
JackMacfarlan, WV

Best licorice around

My son loves this Aussie licorice and I couldn’t find it anywhere EXCEPT on Amazon. It was shipped very promptly (in time for Xmas)and it disappeared all too quickly.
SabraMiddlefield, CT


This licorice is sooooo good. Soft, very flavorful. Hard to find in stores
now- this flavor- black cherry- so I would recommend.
RenataRio Verde, AZ

Best tasting licorice ever!

This is my second time ordering this Aussie Licorice – gave them out as gifts to my friends who also love black licorice. Very soft and flavorful – happy they were back in stock!
ShylaDawson, GA

Licorice tasted a little stale

We really liked this licorice when it was sold in the store. It was the same exact brand, but a different container. We ordered some online when the store didn’t carry it anymore. It was a little hard, stale and the flavor was off. Didn’t taste the same. Seemed a little pricey as well for the product we received.
LeifKnoxville, IA

Pineapple licorice

This is the only place where I can find the pineapple flavor. The product is great!
TrevaAuburn, GA

strawberry licorice

Good – but not as good as the Australian licorice that actually have strawberry seeds in it.
KatiaCamptown, PA

Great Licorice

This Lucky Country Licorice is some of the best we’ve tried. It’s rich tasting, soft and not too sweet. The 15 pound bulk container was a great buy and arrived fresh at our door in just a few days.
SeasonLa Grange, IL

Good, but not as good as the last time….

My order arrived on time. I bought this for friends at work. It was good, as far as taste, but this time the licorice was a bit harder than usual. What always got me about Lucky Country Licorice was the soft texture, but this time I was disappointed that it seemed a bit hard.
LuraSanta Rita Park, CA

Good but not great

It just doesn’t have the amount of licorice flavor as the Aussie made product. Or, for that matter, most other quality licorice products. I am still enjoying it, just not as much as I had hoped to.
RafaelaChanhassen, MN

Super Delicious

I bought this as a gift for someone who likes pineapple. I’m not a huge fan, but tried a piece. It is soooo good. Tastes just like pineapple, plus is soft and chewy, not like hard licorice at all. Highly recommend this product.
GarrettParadise, UT

Good product

As the licorice goes this is pretty good stuff. If you haven’t tried this one and are debateing it, give it a shot.
FedericoWarner Robins, GA

Fabulous darling !

My neice was visiting from California and tried some pineapple licorice ( not available in Calif. ). She absolutely LOVED it ! I sent her the 12 6 oz. packages for her birthday and now I am the greatest auntie on earth !
MarianoAbercrombie, ND

Horribly disappointing

This stuff has no distinguishable flavor to it, just a stagnant sweetness. It is just terrible. Black cherry, my arse. Yuck! And, these are its good points.
ClementineHamilton, GA

Best Licorice Ever!

I was given a sample of this licorice from a friend who bought it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. With so many of the standard brands having little flavor, this was an immediate standout. I have only tried the strawberry flavor, but it has a rich taste, and is a “soft” but still good and chewy licorice. I love it. When it wasn’t available at Bed Bath, and Beyond, I found it on Amazon, and of course, it is considerably less expensive. The only downside is that you must buy 12 6 ounce packages at once. For me, that’s not really a problem.
CherishPomeroy, PA

Lucky Country Licorice rocks!

Lucky Country Licorice, Black, is the most like old fashioned black licorice that we’ve found. We were very disappointed to find it was no longer available in the Costco stores where we shop.
AleshaMerepoint, ME

These are always voted the best black licorice

I have purchased these several times. They are always raved by everyone as the best black licorice. It’s hard for me to find in the stores but Amazon makes it easy.
MerrillNew Canton, VA

Too good can’t stop eating them

This is a very satisfying product.My wife and I have been looking for a licorice product that we could graze on. This is it!
BrittMidland, AR


My favorite licorice. Glad I can find it here. Keeps getting sold out at my local warehouse store. Thank you.
MelidaNaples, NY

Lucky Country Licorice, Black Cherry 16 oz tubs (pack of 4)

Lucky Country Licorice, black cherry 16 oz tubs (pack of 4)… This candy is the best I have ever tasted, my last order was my third (3rd), it is realy good and may be habit forming to your tast buds.

There are several items to choose from, which can be confusing. The best value is the 4-16oz tubs,4 lbs total vs the 1.5 pound package, they are both the same price. I found this to be wrong, on the part of Amazon to allow this to happen. I did not send the 1.5 lbs bag back, it wasn’t worth my time, and I do like the candy…

I live in Gainesville FL, not Zoe KY.

AlaneCochecton Center, NY