Lucky Country Pineapple Licorice 13-oz Tub

13oz PINEAPPLE Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Licorice, Pack of 1

Quick facts

  • Lucky Country Pineapple Licorice
  • 13-ounce Tub
  • Finest Licorice from down under.
  • Aussie Style Licorice

Top reviews


I would absolutely NOT recommend this product. The tub is extremely small and there is a huge crater on the bottom that takes up a good portion of the inside. Absolutely not worth the money. I have paid litterally less than three dollars for the same amount of licorice. Unfortunately I moved and none of the stores close to me sell it. If you are thinking of buying this DON’T. find someone who lives where they sell it. Have them ship buy it, charge you double, ship it to you, and it might STILL come out cheaper.
TenaPowers, MI