Lucky Me! – Instant Pancit Canton – Chow Mein Chili & Citrus Flavor

Lucky Me! – Instant Pancit Canton

Quick facts

  • Chili-Mansi Flavor Pancit Canton
  • Filipino Instant Noodles!
  • Quick & Easy to Make
  • Product of the Philippines
  • Net Wt. 2.29 Oz. (65g)

Top reviews

Do not buy unless you have a strong stomach

These noodles were actually quite good, but I’d never in a million years order them again, because they made my friend and I very sick instantly after eating. I gave the noodles another chance and they made me sick again. Will not try anything else from this company again either, I’ve learned my lesson.
JosefCommerce City, CO

Tasty Fare

This is my favorite of the Lucky Me Pancit Canton choices. It’s zesty (kalamansi) and spicy (chili). For $.49 a packet, you can’t go wrong.
VinnieWalden, NY

Chili and calamansi – delicious!

These noodles are flavorful and zesty thanks to the calamansi (Philippine lemon) in the flavor packet. They cook up a little oilier than your typical ramen, and they have a slight peanut oil scent without the flavor pack. The chili oil in the mixture might be a little much for some folks, but it’s great if you’re looking for some variety in your instant ramen repertoire.
RonnieNewton, TX