Lullaby Lemon Sleep Shot 2.5 Ounce 24 Pack


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First OTC sleep aid that worked for me

As an insomniac of many years, I picked up a Dream Water at my local pharmacy, where they’re sold in individual 2.5-oz bottles in two flavors, Snoozeberry and Lullaby Lemon. I’ve tried every over-the-counter sleep aid there is, and some help, some don’t — this stuff really works. It makes me very drowsy, and far as I can tell, there are no adverse side effects. Both flavors are subtle and pleasant, and contain no calories. The active ingredient is sodium 80 mg, which might be of concern to those on a low-sodium diet, although 80 mg only represents 3% of the average adult’s recommended intake. The rest is their “secret blend” of what I presume is the usual herbals that are reputed to relax you. All I know is that I fall asleep within an hour and sleep better through the night with fewer interruptions.

One minor complaint — the stuff’s expensive (hence the four stars, rather than five)! Even if you buy it by the 12-pk, it’s about $2 a pop! I guess it deepends, then, on how bad you want to sleep. I like having the stuff around for when nothing else is working.

So that caveat aside, highly recommended!

CarolyneBradley, MI

No more tossing and turning!!!

I’ve had sleeping problems for years now and nothings really worked. I refuse to try Ambien or any prescription drugs for fear of side effects. I use to use Tylenol PM but I found myself feeling a hangover effect in the morning. I was recommended “Dream Water” by a pharmacist in a Duane Read by my job a few months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It both relaxes me and helps me fall asleep on the nights I am laying awake counting sheep. It tastes great unlike some of the other products I’ve tried, I prefer the Snoozeberry flavor myself, but the Lullaby Lemon is just as good. Finally something that works for me!!!
LajuanaKirvin, TX

It even helped ME!

I suffer from idiopathic insomnia, which is basically lifelong insomnia, every night, with no known cause. I’ve tried EVERY sleep drug – ambien, trazodone, lunesta, etc. etc. You name it! I HATE taking drugs, especially to sleep. So I’m always looking for a natural alternative. I’ve tried “sleep shots” in the past, but my body is very sensitive and most of them have tons of different herbs that can cause negative reactions. THIS DOESN’T! This contains only ingredients that are SUPPOSED to be in your body naturally.

5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin.
GABA is EXTREMELY relaxing and good for an anxious mind (I have been taking GABA supplements for about a year now)
Melatonin is something we all know about to help induce sleep.

This combination is just what my body wants before bed. Granted, I still have some sleepless nights. In addition to this drink I often will take magnesium and Passion Flower supplements to help calm me. The taste is great, very mild. This product has made a noticeable difference in my relaxation and sleep.

Highly recommended. Let’s get away from those sleep drugs!

KathrineCataula, GA

Terrible hangover next day

Saw this on an endcap at Wal-Mart and decided to try it. $2.65 was way too expensive for a product with such common and cheap ingrediants. Yes it knocked me cold but I had terrible grogginess next day.
AllisonMount Holly, VT

Dream Water Sleep aid

Well worth the money! I am very glad to have gotten this. This definiitely helps stress/anxiety and promotes a RESTFUL sleep! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! HEADS UP though, for stress/anxiety try a sip and progress. DO NOT attempt to drive or operate anything once taken! For sleep try HALF the bottle to see how you react to it and REFRIGERATE it until you use it again. GREAT STUFF!
LorrieFarmington, IL

Sweet Dreams!

I came across this product in a local store by accident and decided to give it a try. I must say I was more impressed than I thought I would be. And honestly I didn’t think it would work at all.

Normally, I lay in bed for a while watching TV until I fall asleep. It sometimes takes me about an hour or better to actually fall asleep even though most mornings I awake at 5am. I wake up several times in the night, for no reason, but generally go back to sleep with no problems. I tend to wake up a little sluggish and not wanting to get out bed. Well I drank the Dream Water, the taste is pleasant, and in about 30 minutes I felt more relaxed. But I think I was fighting it at first. But as soon as I laid down, I was sleep in time. I slept through the night. And woke up refreshed and felt rested and ready to start my day.

Of course this shouldn’t be used daily but for those days when I think sleep is going to be hard to come by, I keep some Dream Water on hand. Some of the ingredients (this products claims to be all natural) are maybe not for people with high blood pressure. So please pay attention to the label. But if you have no existing health issues I’d recommend giving it a shot!

JospehTrout Lake, MI

Works well

I really like dream water. The lemon flavor is really good, and I get drowsy in about 45 minutes after I drink it. I have been sleeping better too. I also take L-theanine and L-tyrptophan at night too.
KallieWapwallopen, PA

DreamWater works!

DreamWater is very effective and natural product to help you to fall asleep without the morning fuzz you might find with a pharma option.
KendallWannaska, MN

Sleep Water

I took this 30 minutes before going to sleep and felt a little tired but it did not last long. I think I will lower the minutes. I never get a full night’s sleep but I did fall asleep which usually takes forever (I’m healing from a fractured shoulder which adds to this). I am still going to take it. It does’nt taste bad and also the delivery was fast which are pluses. My metabolism is very high – so for other people it probably would work better
GordonOscoda, MI


This product is amazing. I tried both Dream water and nuero sleep and dream water worked all the time for me. no matter what, it would have me knocked out with-in a half hour.
LeonoraArgyle, IA


This product works like a dream!! Perfect name! I slept like a baby. Taste was very nice. Definitely will purchase again.
IrvingLind, WA


I’ve had insomnia off and on for the past year +. I’ve been prescribed just about everything…including the main stuff like ambien. Ambien, unlike what the commercials promote, left me with horrible hangovers, terrible mood swings…and often times I would sleep walk/do things that I didn’t even remember. I’ve also tried in store stuff like tylenol PM or sleep aids you can find in your local drugstore…really, nothing worked. Finally I discovered Dream Water from a random amazon search and found some at Duane Reade. It works (no pun intended) like a dream. I sleep well with little to no hangover at all…no mood swings…and it doesn’t knock you out. It slowly relaxes you into a sleep, as it promotes. After all this time…a more natural remedy, and one that’s not cheap necessarily, but definitely cheaper. 5 stars, no doubt about it.
DaisyRogerson, ID

Works for me – at half dose.

I am a nurse that works night shift and travels frequently. Between the two, I have a funky sleep schedule and sometimes go through periods of extreme insomnia.

Then, at the airport in Long Beach, CA I found Dream Water. I was a little shocked at the price but decided to try it anyway. Because it was expensive, I tried half a shot and it worked, well, like a dream. A whole shot makes me do weird things in my sleep, but a half shot makes me fall asleep and get a good 6-8 hours with no hangover effect – even during my severe episodes of insomnia.

As a nurse, I would like to recommend that you be careful taking it every day. One of the ingredients (5-HTP) can cause serotonin syndrome in certain doses. Since we don’t know the exact dose they use, I would look up serotonin syndrome and be on the look out for side effects if you take it regularly. Just in case. I haven’t had any side effects, but better safe than sorry.

Also, be careful mixing it with certain other meds used to adjust mood (anxiety/depression meds) or other sleep aids – even natural ones. Just a heads up.

LiseNashua, MN

finally a good nights rest!!!!

I have consistently had trouble sleeping… i tried it and the first night with just a half a bottle i fell sound asleep within 30 – 45 minutes…. you feel refreshed and relaxed! If you have trouble sleeping at night this is a good way to go!
AlyciaWadestown, WV

My Hero!!!!

This is the best stuff on earth!! I don’t like medicine- I haven’t even taken a Tylenol in years- so it was very hard for me to find a solution for my sleeping problems. Teas are natural, but don’t work are all, and pills have nasty side effects. Dream Water is natural and effective!!! I also love that I don’t have to count calories, because I do take this regularly.
It is powerful enough to help you fall asleep, but mild enough that you can wake up whenever you want to, without leaving you groggy or out of it. Both flavors are great!
By it for yourself- and if you want to make other busy/stressed out people very happy (your friends, your parents, your teachers, your coworkers, etc), spread it around!!
KatiaFraser, MI