Luwak Star Gourmet Coffee, 100% Arabica Sumatra Gayo Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

Luwak coffee (or kopi luwak in Indonesian) is the rarest gourmet coffee in the world that originates from Indonesia. It is made of the sweetest coffee beans that have gone through a civet’s digestive tract. Our coffee beans are from civets that are wild and free to roam around in the wilderness. They feed from coffee trees that naturally grow in the area. This Sumatra Gayo luwak coffee comes from the Gayo highlands of Central Aceh, Sumatra. The coffee beans are organically grown without fertilizers and are widely known as “green beans” for being environmentally friendly. These coffee beans are grown at 1,100-1,500 meters (3,600-5,000 feet) above sea level. Only the best coffee beans are grown at such high altitudes. Sumatra Gayo luwak coffee is heavy bodied with light acidity. Its taste is smooth, earthy, and sweet with a hint of caramel or chocolate. It has a clean after taste.

Quick facts

  • This product is 100% Arabica Sumatra Gayo Luwak Coffee Whole Beans
  • Our coffee beans are all hand-picked, manually sorted, sun-dried, and roasted to perfection
  • This luwak coffee is perfect for a gift for coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs
  • This 100 gr bag makes about 10 cups of coffee

Top reviews

Warning — not safe

OK, first a review of the flavor:

I tried it without any cream or sugar, as was suggested. It had a pretty pleasant, mellow flavor. It wasn’t nearly as acidic as most coffees but you have to have a pretty distinguishing pallet to appreciate it. I added cream just to test it out and indeed, it ended up tasting like normal coffee.

I give this one star because after I drank it, I ended up running a fever of 102 degrees that lasted for a week and a half. I finally went to the hospital and they found ileitis on a CT scan of my abdomen and confirmed it with a colonoscopy. They found no damage consistent with an autoimmune disease, like Crohn’s, and they ruled out everything except a bacterial infection. They gave me Flagyl and my fever finally broke. The ileum is where the bacteria from your stomach gets concentrated as the contents are processed into your small intestine, and it was consistent with an infection from a pathogenic source, at exactly the right timeframe, so it was almost certain that I got this from drinking the coffee.

I thought after the cleaning, roasting and brewing, it would be safe, but think about it: the cleaning wouldn’t be done with an antiseptic, because doing that would contaminate and ruin the beans. Pathogens could still live within the cracks of the beans. Roasting still doesn’t eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, and when you’re brewing it, as in a French press as I did, the temperature may well not be high enough (they tell you not to boil coffee as that ruins it) to kill the pathogens. Remember that these beans passed through a creature’s digestive tract and you’re drinking the extract.

I’m sure not everyone will get sick, but it is a risk. I never thought I’d get sick, but I did. So use caution and if you start vomiting or running a fever after you drink this, get some appropriate antibiotic from your local PCP. As for me, I’ll never drink this again. The experience was not fun.

PhylisLake City, SD

THE smoothest coffee I’ve ever had, seriously…

I’ve been drinking coffee for years and have done many taste tests as I’m in the restaurant business and tried this coffee at a friends house tonight. I have to say I’ve never had coffee like this before. I’m about to buy some for me and give as Christmas gifts. If I had some serious disposable cash, I’d live off of this coffee! Get some now, you won’t regret it. Remember, real coffee drinkers don’t use sugar or cream, must drink black!
FatimahMagnolia, OH

Smooth as a baby civet’s behind!

I have owned and operated a gourmet coffee shop, but had never tasted kopi luwak coffee. I finally decided you only live once, and ordered from this seller. I received the beans promptly, along with detailed instructions as to the best way to prepare the coffee. It was everything I had hoped it would be-smooth, no bitterness at all, no acid effects on my stomach, and a wonderful pure coffee taste. I’ll be ordering more! I recommend every coffee lover put this coffee on your bucket list!
ArianeWildrose, ND


I’m an avid drinker of a famous coffee retailer, and I routinely use a creamer in its coffee to blunt the acidic aftertaste. I recently read about civet coffee and it peaked my interest. I Googled and found varying prices, and this particular seller/distributor was reasonably priced. I tried it…I loved it!! It’s very smooth and no need for a creamer; just follow the directions to a tee. And don’t think about what you’re actually drinking… 😉
AngleaLonetree, WY

Smooth But A Little Too Expensive For Everyday Consumption

After learning about kopi luwak from The Bucket List, I’ve been wanting to try some but never could bring myself to try it due to the cost and the fact that it’s been in and out of an animal. But when I found a friend who was willing to try it with me, I figured, how bad could this be? Granted, this was an expensive experiment but it’s a once thing so the $50 was well spent in that sense.

We both like strong coffee and this was certainly strong. A 100gm bag was more than enough for a 10-cup pot with some leftover. It didn’t smell any different nor did it taste any different, unfortunately. (Mind you, I’m not comparing this to stuff like Folgers or Starbucks. I’m comparing it to the Malaysian coffee I’m used to.) It was strong but smooth – it didn’t have the “rancid” taste (not sure if I’m explaining the taste correctly) that some cheaper coffee tend to have and neither did it have a charred flavor like burnt beans. Unfortunately, it still had a hint of bitterness toward the end of the sip. I tried it black at first to experience the taste unadulterated by anything but couldn’t stand it. (I never could drink black coffee anyway.) A packet of sugar made it pleasant but still retain its coffee-ness.

As an experiment, it was worth it, albeit a little expensive. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing more of this – it’s an ok coffee. I would drink it if presented with it but I won’t go out of my way to get it. Just a little too expensive for everyday drinking. I’ll stick to my Malaysian coffee – sweet, smooth, and buttery, almost.

KarinePine Grove Mills, PA

Amazing Customer Service!

I couldn’t be happier with the customer service from Luwak Star.

I ordered a bag of Luwak Star Coffee this weekend to send as a gift for a family member, crossed my fingers, and hoped it would arrive in time despite ordering very late. Just two days later, after noticing the delivery address was different from the billing address, the owner of Luwak Star emailed to ask if the coffee was a gift. She said that if so, she would be happy to include a card in the package. I was floored. What an incredibly considerate gesture. I even told her that I had placed the order too late and was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time for a birthday. She responded right away and said she would be happy to visit the post office and look into rush shipping for me.

There are several options for purchasing quality coffee on Amazon, but this type of service is rare, worth supporting, and will keep me coming back. I’ll make sure to follow up on this review once we have a chance to enjoy the coffee!

TrinidadElco, PA

No bitterness and goes down smooth and easy

I must confess that normally I don’t like to drink coffee black but prefer it with some 1/2 & 1/2 and at least a few spoonfuls of sugar. I find the original coffee flavor generally too bitter. But I had heard such good things about Luwak Star with the promise that it would not taste as bitter and is easier on the stomach, so I decided to try drinking it black. Sure enough the coffee tastes delicious with very little bitterness, and I finished it without even thinking about the usual necessities of cream and sugar. What a treat!
DominicaFarina, IL

Excellent customer service

There was an unfortunate incident with the package I ordered (completely my fault), and the owner was more than cooperative in helping me out with my issue. I would not hesitate to purchase from this company again and again. The package arrived on time with no surprises. I will update this review with some comments on the quality of the product once I receive some feedback from the person who’s going to be enjoying it. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service.
PearleNewport, AR

Smooth, chocolate/carmel hints, no acidity

It was an amazing cup of coffee, we made a small batch of 2-3 cups. It was very smoooth and tastes great all by itself. It has to be the best tasting coffee I have ever had and no bad after taste. Worth the money just wish the coffee was not as expensive as it is, comes out to about $6 for a 10oz serving, a little bit more than some frufru coffee at the local coffee shop
GeriCoppell, TX

Pretty good coffee & i’m someone who doesn’t drink it much

I will say that first off i had thought of getting a gift for my girlfriend and i thought to myself what is the one thing she like diamonds, clothes, money… none of those i thought of best coffee. she is a coffee addict so to buy coffee as a gift made her laugh, then confused, then she cried (tears of joy). Now the coffee it self i will say smelt freakin delicious and i had my girl smell it and she loved the smell also. after grinding the beans and brewing the coffee of course i tried my best to follow the instructions. the outcome of fresh brewed coffee was so far the best coffee I’ve tasted and i drank it black also i don’t drink coffee i prefer tea. my girl is in love with coffee and even wants to marry the stuff, i’m other than great customer service and product arrived quick overall two thumbs up!! thanx fenche
CharaCumberland, WI

You have to be a coffee lover….

This product is something you have to be open minded about trying, and you must truly love coffee to appreciate it. No one I know can imagine why I decided to purchase or drink this.

The packaging was standard USPS shipping package. Ordered May 1st and arrived May 5th, where it was estimated to arrive between the 8th and 23rd. Ships out of California, so if you live closer, it will probably be sooner.

The package contains the whole, roasted beans, so you’ll need to grind it to your desired texture. The included instructions were nice, but following them for a French press delivered a slightly weak cup. The coffee was smooth, slightly chocolatey in undertones. Debating doing an espresso brew with it.

Overall, you can’t go wrong if you purchase this. But you have to love coffee to appreciate it for what it is.

AltonDayville, OR

the best EVER!

I have tried Kopi Luwak before, yet this has to be the best of the best. This coffee is worthy of being called coffee of all coffees. You will not regret paying for these beans.
StewartBlodgett, OR

Wonderful coffee!

Whoever Dennis is, he’s absolutely right! I’ve always liked Arabica coffee and tried this based on the other comment, and out of all the coffees I’ve tried, this is really the best! Get some of your own.
EwaJenison, MI