Luzianne Chicken Coating Mix, 8-Ounce Boxes

Experience the tradition of authentic southern foods that capture our traditions from Louisiana. Since the early 1900’s, Luzianne has been bringing you the flavors that define the American south. Bring out southern flavor in all your favorite foods. Our tasty real kits help create a perfect meal.

Quick facts

  • Bake, fry or microwave
  • Cajun creole foods
  • Easy to make and great taste
  • Made in the USA since the early 1900’s

Top reviews

Luzianne Chicken Coating Mix

This is the best coating mix ever. It goes on everything and the taste is so special.
LucienPoyen, AR

Great Cajun and here is an interesting twist!

I love trying different turkey (meat) balls made with fat free ground turkey. I created my own recipes for Scandinavian and Italian. No one believes they are eating turkey and they love them! Costco sells a four pack by a well known brand name, 98% fat free. I am not sure of the exact weight of two packages but it is approximately three pounds. I used two boxes of this wonderful coating (mixed in with everything else) two eggs, some water and some cooked brown rice for a healthy filler. I always leave the meat very moist so the end result is not dry. I made two test turkey balls, fried with no fat using a non stick frying pan. I turned the meat balls so all sides were lightly browned and very crispy. The taste was extremely pleasant, mildly spicy. I like very spicy so I added some ground red pepper and garlic powder because I did not have hot Cajun pepper. I just ordered some as well as more of the Luzianne chicken coating.

The result was wonderful and I froze a substantial amount of the Luzianne turkey meatballs. I am extremely pleased and so is my family. I believe you will like this mix regardless of how you choose to use it!

Luzianne Chicken Coating Mix, 8 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

AdinaBrumley, MO

best chicken coating I have ever tasted or used!!!!

I couldn’t have said it better than the previous reviewer, so I didn’t. Ha! Honestly, this stuff is amazing! I’m a southern boy, so I know good chicken. Baked or fried, it tastes fantastic. This is not some strange recipe that will have to “grow on you.” I tried some kind of Italian mix a few years ago. Blechh! Ruined a perfectly good chicken. One taste of the Luzianne mix and you will be hooked. It’s a unique taste that I can’t really describe or compare to anything else. All I know is that it’s yummy, yummy, yummy! Best chicken ever!
HarriettEast Dorset, VT

best chicken coating I have ever tasted or used!!!!

I love this coating and can’t see why more stores wont put it on the shelves. I have ordered enough to last me for awhile.
CarylKiefer, OK

Great chicken mix

This is a great chicken coating mix, has the best mix of spices to add just a little spice to oven fried chicken.
DrewWelcome, MN

Plain Good Eats

The Luzianne chicken coating mix in my opinion is the tastiest available. A little spicy but definitely not too much for my kids.
KishaRives, TN

Tasty and easy to make

This coating has just enough seasoning to make fried chicken very tasty. The flavor doesn’t overwhelm. It makes it easy to make fried chicken at home.
JeaneneMarcus, IA

awesome cajun flavor

easy to make, ,coat chicken in a egg mixture, bake it for 25 minutes @ 425 then turn chicken on oppisite side for 20 minutes @ 400 & its done. the chicken has a great cajun flavor.
NamWalnut, MS