Luzianne Specially Blended for Iced Tea, Green Tea Family Size, 24-Count Tea Bags

Experience the tradition of Authentic Southern Foods and Beverages that capture our traditions from south Lousiana to the Outer Banks. Since 1902 we’ve been bringing you the flavors and refreshment that define the American South. Our assortment of refreshing iced teas, rich coffees, zesty sauces, creamy mayonaise, and other authenically southern products will bring your family the simple joy of an afternoon on a front porch. So find your front porch with our many quality products.

Quick facts

  • Specially blended for iced tea
  • Makes clear, smooth,refreshing and delicious iced tea
  • Pack of 12, Each box delivers 24 family size tea bags
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Taste the south a tradition for over 100 years, Luzianne and Reily Foods

Top reviews

Luzianne green tea for iced tea

This is excellent green tea and I am grateful I could find it on Amazon as none of the grocery stores around here carry it, nor does Walmart. It make a superior iced green tea for those of us that prefer green tea. It also work well hot. Luzianne has another winner of a product in this one and Amazon’s price for a whole case of family size tea bags beats what I would have to spend at a grocery store anyway. Thanks Amazon!
IoneHamer, ID

Makes weak tea with little taste, compared to standard tea…

Luzianne Green Tea, Family Size, 24-Count Tea Bags

Google on “green tea benefits” for articles on using this product for health reasons.

I’ve been drinking regular [dark] tea for about 50 years now. To make a gallon of iced tea, I nearly fill a quart pot with filtered water, add three family-sized tea bags, boil, let cool; then add it to 3/4 gallon of water through a tea strainer. Using Luzianne’s standard tea, the concentrated tea is so dark, you can’t see the bottom of the pot. This formula makes excellent iced tea.

Using the same formula with this green tea, the result is a seriously weak tea. We even covered the hot pot and let it sit overnight so it would darken more; but, the pot’s bottom was still clearly visible through the brewed concentrated tea. After mixing with 3/4 gallon of water, the resulting tea was very light, and had little taste.

These bags are 6 grams per tea bag, versus 7 grams for Luzianne’s [dark] tea. See customer images for a photo of family sized green tea on a box of family sized standard dark tea.

After some experimentation, my iced tea formula is now a 50/50 ratio of family-sized bags: i.e., two bags of standard dark tea and two bags of green tea per gallon of tea. This mix actually tastes better than just dark tea and far better than just green tea. It has just a hint of green tea flavor. Even though our tea costs more using this approach, it’s still cheap, it tastes better, and should also provide the health benefits of green tea.

The 3 stars are because, using only the Green Tea, resulting drink is too weak.

AnnelleStratton, ME

Luzianne Green Tea

I agree this is Excellent tea. I live in a small town in Nebraska and the closest store to sell this product is HyVee Grocery Stores and they are 90 – 100 miles away. This is a great buy and will continue to order from Amazon as long as they carry it.
JaunitaGradyville, PA

Getting hard to find this stuff

It seems like every time I find a really good product, the manufacturer stops making it. (The garbage products keep getting made year after year). This product is no longer available at any of the stores around me.

Luzianne makes great green tea. It is, of course, not as strong as black tea. The taste is smooth. The caffeine level is not too bad. I like making sun tea with the larger bags. 4 bags to the gallon and 4 hours of sunshine makes fantastic tea. If you want it stronger just squeeze excess liquids from the bags when removing.

I just hope Amazon keeps selling this stuff in bulk. The price ($25/case) is very good. This is the only food product I have ever bought online.

AminaTriumph, IL

Love this tea!

Have been drinking Luzianne regular tea for the past 20+years and recently discovered their green tea…Love it! Tea is clear and crisp. Ordering through Amazon is the best deal.
FrankSydney, FL

great tea bags

Been Hunting for a good green tea for my ice tea maker. These tea bags are perfect. I’m very happy with my purchase.
DamonChatham, NY

Great Product!

I like to keep a pitcher of iced green tea in the house (very refreshing and healthful) and have found Luzianne to be the tastiest. The large tea bags are very efficient; just two per batch. This product is difficult to find in our local markets. I was able to purchase a case from Amazon at a good price and won’t be running out any time soon.
JeseniaCroton On Hudson, NY

Good Stuff

Could not find Family sized Tea Bags in store.
Cost was actually better than
Regular Tea in local Stores.
I am happy with my purchase.
AugustBrockton, PA

Green tea with taste! Gluten free!

Luzianne Green Tea, Family Size, 24-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 12)
Stash Premium Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)Madhava Organic Agave Nectar – Light, 23.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

You can’t buy this fantastic best tasting tea here in New England. I spend time in Fl and sure missed my great tasting green iced tea when I came home. I add one Stash brand also on Amazon) ginger tea bag and a little Agave to the hot pitcher. Green tea is so good for you and I’m not big on water all day long. This tea is the answer! I use ginger tea as it is good for the digestive system, but you could add a bag of any flavor, some lemon or lime. Both the Luzianne and Stash Teas are also Gluten Free as is the Agave. I find buying buy the case on Amazon is less expensive also.

BeulaMartell, NE


This product is well worth the money. We make a gallon of tea each day so it was nice to find the big bags.
CharoletteChouteau, OK

green tea Luzianne

I love the Luzianne green tea for ice tea. Its not bitter and has a wonderful flavor. I can drink it at night because it does not bother me to sleep.
AlphonsoFinger, TN


I was unable to find my Luzianne green tea bags at the store, checked three different ones! So happy to find it here, can’t find a better deal!
PeterBirmingham, OH