Lyle’s Golden Syrup

This pure cane sugar syrup has a golden color and a mild, caramel flavor. A versatile product, it is useful as a sugar alternative in any recipe, as a pancake topping, and is also great for glazes for roasted meats. Mix with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar for a great chicken wing glaze.

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Lyle’s Golden Syrup can substitute for corn syrup

I am allergic to corn, so eating marshmallows, candy, pecan pie etc. without being able to have corn syrup is a real problem.

The Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which is made from cane sugar syrup, can be used as a substitute for corn syrup. It doesn’t taste quite the same, though very good. So I think, if one calls the pecan pie made from Lyle’s Golden Syrup sugar pecan pie, for instance, it will be very satisfying as its own thing instead of a substitute for pecan pie.

To me, it seems a little sweeter than corn syrup.

BeulahOtter, MT