Lyons Cream Crackers, 10.5 Ounce Packages

Lyons Cream Crackers

Quick facts

  • Pack of eighteen, 10.5 ounce (Total of 189 ounce)

Top reviews

Not a real Cream Cracker!

I have eaten cream crackers for 20 years in Mexico and Brazil. Since coming to the US I have been forced to eat these horrible little dry crackers they sell here. So when I saw these “Cream Crackers” on Amazon, I was overjoyed. To my utter disappointment these crackers are not anything like the cream crackers I have eaten in central and south america. These crackers are extremely dry and bland. They taste like you took an unsalted three day old dry biscuit and compressed it into a cracker. There not light and flaky like the cream crackers I have eaten for 20 years. What a disappointment! I also tried the Jacob’s brand and they are just as bad. Both are made in the UK, so that might explain it. You will find Mexican food restaurants and Brazilian food restaurants, because they know what taste good. But you will never find a England food restaurant. Maybe it is because they don’t know how to cook. They certainly do not know how to make a cream cracker!
AnnitaBeaumont, VA

great eatin’

I bought these from a store and then couldn’t find them anywhere. Glad I remembered the name so that I could find them again! Good, thick cracker for spreads and dips. Good light flavor that doesn’t over-power what you add to it.
AmeliaNess City, KS

Lyons Cream Crackers

My Mother Norma just loves the crackers. She can not eat anything with corn in it and these crackers do not have anything in it.
AngelitaValhermoso Springs, AL