Lyons Gold Blend Tea 80 Bags

A little richer than Original, Lyons Gold Blend is made form high quality, full-bodied teas to give every cup a warm golden colour and a refreshingly rich, smooth taste.

Quick facts

  • Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Gold Blend

Top reviews

lyons tea

Great tea, I love to add a splash of cream. And the shape of the tea bag makes a great cup!
SalenaGranada Hills, CA

Terrific Tea.

Lyons Gold Blend is my favorite tea because of it’s rich and smooth flavor. It costs a bit more than grocery store brands, but each tea bag easily makes three cups of tea. I’ve preferred the satisfying flavor of Lyons tea since Dublin friends introduced me to it many years ago. It is the preferred tea of my Irish friends, and I’m pleased that I can purchase it in the USA.
LeonMarion, AR