Maccheroni di Toscana Pasta Martelli – Tuscany – 1.1 lb

Since 1926, the Martelli family has produced their artisanal pasta in the medieval town of Lari, near Pisa, in Tuscany. Incredibly still today, only Martelli family members carry on this tradition, managing the entire pasta production themselves. So what’s the recipe for their success? With simple techniques and traditional beliefs passed down from generation to generation, they utilize 100% Italian, first grade durum wheat to give birth to only 5 classic shapes. The wheat flour is manually worked into dough using cold water. Then, it is extruded and cut with bronze dies, and air dried for 50 hours (compared to industrial pasta that is oven dried for 30 mins). These processes give the pasta a rough surface and special porousness, perfect for catching pasta sauce. So what exactly are Maccheroni? The word “Maccheroni,” contrary to popular belief, is not synonymous with the word “pasta.” Maccheroni have a standard form, kind of like Rigatoni. The Martellis produce “ridged” Maccheroni, which makes this pasta perfectly matched for chunkier sauces and toppings that cling to the pasta’s subtle grooves. They are also great for baked pasta dishes, anything from pasta al forno to gourmet mac’ & cheese! Nota bene: Pay attention as you cook this precious, Tuscan pasta! You really need to cook it “al dente” to enjoy the fullness of its flavor and texture.

Quick facts

  • An artisanal pasta made in Tuscany by the Martelli family
  • Produced locally with 100% Italian premium durum wheat
  • Bronze die extrusion and long drying create an incredible texture and porousness for catching sauce
  • A shape perfect for chunky sauces, a must for baked pasta
  • A package of 500 gr – 1.1 lb

Top reviews

The best italian pasta available, unfortunately no longer affordable

I know this pasta brand for many years, back in Germany I used to pay around 6 DM for 1 kg. That would be 3$ for 2.2 pounds for Americans.
And I thought that was pretty expensive! But I bought it regularly and really loved it.

Then 5 years ago I came to the USA, and among so many other things I missed the foods from home. How happy was I to find out Martelli was sold over here, too!

Of course, it was very expensive, even more expensive than in Germany. 5,50$ for a bag (and at the time I did not understand USA-measurements, was not aware they sell only half the size over here!). So I thought the 2.2 pound bag would be expensive with 5,50 $, and for 3 years I could not afford to mail order it. You have to pay 15 $ postage for any order, so I figured any order below 150 $ would not be reasonable with that postage fee.

Last year, after the winter holiday, I got some money and finally did it: I ordered my beloved Martelli pasta. And it is really wonderful.
Only I saw that I got half the amount I was thinking to get. The bags contain 500g, which is exactly half of what I used to buy in Germany. And I paid 5,50 $ each plus postage now! Almost twice the price for half the weight – uhm – does that make it quadroopled?

Now my birthday came in July, I got money again, and I am looking into another order. But – oh shock! The price of 5,50$ has turned into 8$ now. And the bags did not turn into the original sizes (1ooog or 1kg).

Wow – is that a sign the dollar loses its value completely now?

Would it not be cheaper to order the pasta in Italy or France or Germany and have it shipped overseas to me? I guess I would get a better deal.

I checked it, the bags in Europe still contain 1kg, and I saw them offered online for 6 Euros. I guess I will have to make some serious calculations.

But the order from amazon is unthinkable now.

Rustichella d’abruzzo is second best. Also expensive, but I guess I can afford that with forsaking other things.

OlympiaZarephath, NJ