Made In Nature Organic Calimyrna Figs, Sun-Dried and Unsulfured, 7-Ounce Bags

Certified Organic. Premium Choice. Tremendous care and skill are used to grow our crops the old-fashioned way. Organic farmers utilize natural materials that build rich fertile soil. Made In Nature is pleased to bring you delicious, certified organic Sun-Dried Calimyrna Figs with all the flavor and nutrition that Mother Nature intended. Resealable package.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 7-ounce bags(total of 42-ounces)
  • Certified organic sun-dried calimyrna figs
  • Kosher certified
  • Gluten free and nut free

Top reviews

don’t believe the customer guarantee

I hate to write this kind of negative review, but i cannot recommend anyone buy from made in nature because they do not make good on their product guarantee. These figs can be great — and they can be horribly infested. if you eat calmyrnas you know you have to check each one for wasps — i expect that. But I also found little beetle-like bugs that i have never before found in figs, as well as a lot of simple bad-tasting figs. Amazon does not accept grocery returns, but made in nature promises 100% satisfaction. Well, i am 0% satisfied after several phone calls and emails i never reached a human, never got return instructions or authorization, and i am still out almost $200 for several cases (we eat a lot of figs!) of inedible, bug-laden figs.
MilissaRochester, KY

Well liked by the whole family

We’ve bought several cases of these by now and the whole family loves them. Healthy dessert alternative, especially as they are organic. Compared to typical Calimyrna figs from Greece, these are less tough and chewy, and therefore prefered by my very young children.
PearlyForrest City, AR

Nature Organic Calimyrna Figs-& oz. bag

About 90%-95% edible. Some figs are so dried out so as not to be edible. This doesn’t happen often. I suppose it is a seasonal issue.
MoseTurner, ME

Always good

This is a product that is always good. Every bag I opened contained perfectly kept figs. Excellent brand in general. The fact that they are organic is a double plus.
RaleighWatsonville, CA

Too good!

I am actually embarassed to tell you how much I love these organic, sun-dried, unsulfured figs ~ they are too good! My true confession ~ I can eat the entire 7-ounce bag of Made In Nature Organic Calimyrna Figs, Sun-Dried and Unsulfured, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)… in one sitting! I crave these sweet, moist figs and have absolutely no self control once the package is opened. And the package says there are 5 servings to the bag…yikes! Thank goodness I can purchase them at Amazon for a much better price than at my local health food store. They are such a good value at Amazon, I buy them frequently.
GretaDelphos, KS

Delicious, organic, and no added sulfites

I ordered these on impulse. It had been a while since I had tried figs.

I’m glad I did. These are delicious. They taste like the best Fig Newtons you’ve ever had, but without any added sugar, flour, or shortening.

It’s rare to find dried fruits that aren’t chemically treated in some way, but these are organic and have no added sulfites or any other chemicals.

They are a bit pricey, and there are only a dozen or so figs in each of the six seven-ounce bags. That’s okay with me, though — they aren’t exactly low calorie snacks, so that’s good incentive for me to not overdo it!

And who cares how they look — they taste great!

MardellOberlin, LA

Unsulfured is BEST

These Made in Nature unsulfured organic Calimyrna figs are the BEST tasting dried figs I have ever eaten. They are wonderfully sweet and make a fantastic after-dinner dessert for those with a sweet-tooth, like me. They look a bit different color than the sulfured ones in the grocery store, but don’t let that put you off. They look like they have been dipped in powdery sugar, a bit . . . but one bite and you’ll be hooked like me.
TeresaTrezevant, TN

Excellent Figs

These are the best dried figs I have ever tasted. I also bought the black mission figs for comparison. These figs are larger and tastier than the black variety, yet have a chewier exterior. I personally find these to be worth the extra expense over the other variety, yet find both to be excellent organic dried fruits. Perfect, as nature intended.
MavisMinden, WV

Soft and Easy-to-Eat

These figs are soft in texture and easy for children to chew, however, I was disappointed in the lack of flavor. I love the Old World figs strung on a piece of vine; they assume the firmness and consistency of leather, but Ohhhh, the flavor! They taste like sunshine and sweet, old trees on a sunny hillside: these taste like nothing at all. . . just stuff with tiny seeds. They have no scent. They are not sweet. I take your word that they are figs, but they sure don’t taste like the ones I’ve known.
ChesterPapaikou, HI

Super Figs

These are tastier than the Black Mission figs and are very moist and juicy. This is our second ‘Made in Nature’ purchase and we are very happy with the purchase. Great healthy snack.
HuongVernon, AZ

Made in Nature Figs

Have been enjoying these over time; lately, smaller and dryer batches getting through. Sorry to see this. Maybe seasonal?? Hoping return to highest standard.
ValentinFort Washakie, WY

Sooo Good!

Purchased one bag at a natural foods store –
everyone in my family came to enjoy its’
sweet flavor. Purchased through Amazon (a
6 pack) and saved $.
NicolasaLongs, SC


These are GREAT!!!! Very high quality. Totally delicious. I also ordered the black mission figs, but they are not at all worth re-ordering. These golden ones on the other hand – I don’t want to ever be without. Yumm!!!!

One other note though… at this price you’re paying $5.23 per back. Each bag has about 11 figs in it. That’s 47¢ per fig. $12 a pound. They’re very good – but that’s pretty expensive….

Next I’m going to try these (Dried Calimyrna Figs – 5 lb) at $4.30 a pound. I’ll write back later….

QuyenEnfield Center, NH

Fig Review

These are the best figs I’ve ever eaten. You can get these year round. They are
really tasty, especially this time of year. Try them you will like them.
JesseLisbon, NH


These are the best dried figs I’ve ever tasted, and they’re organic to boot. They contain a lot of fiber, and make very healthy snacks.
ElijahPotter, WI

Yummy Figs!

Having tried and absolutely loved the black mission figs, I was open to trying Calimyrna figs. The flavor is more fruity and they are bigger. Our human household is split on which is their favorite, with our pet rabbit liking them equally.
LigiaWoodbourne, NY

Great item to pack for a long haul trip

I travel a lot to places that lack healthy eating options. This is a wonderful companion to take with me. Apricots are also amazing.
LucyWoodbury, NY

buy direct from made in nature

The first time I bought dried figs was from Made in Nature direct. They were quite pricey but very DELICIOUS!!! I emailed the company and asked why. I was told when you buy from them they are much fresher. The second time I ordered 2 bags from Amazon, well let me tell you, there was no comparison, the figs were dried out when I opened them. I always keep them in the fridge, the longer I had them the worse they got!!!! I was tempted to return the 2nd bag but tossed them instead. I’ll never buy food from Amazon again.
ChantalTroy, TX

Moist and delicious

These were very tasty and moist and made great fig pecan bread. Used the recipe from Amy’s Bread cookbook, but veganized it. It was great!
GlennieSwan Valley, ID

Try their pineapple instead.

It’s hard to find decent dried figs these days. If you’re hard up for some, these are OK. They are dried, so they are tough and chewy. But some in each package appear to have leaked open so the moisture from inside the fig has soaked into the skin and turned it into something akin to tire rubber.

I have tried their organic, unsulfured dried pineapple and it is excellent; read my review on that product page.

StantonMulvane, KS


These are delicious. I love that they are sulfite-free, and the price is far cheaper in bulk via Amazon than the per-bag price at my local Whole Foods.
VioletaSpringfield, MO

Not what I expected

I tried these and didn’t like them. Everyone’s tastes are different. However, too many were dried up and it’s more calories than I wanted too.
DelmarStill Pond, MD

Addictive treat

I love these figs. My grandfather had a couple of fig trees in his backyard when I was growing up. These bring back memories. I could eat TONS of these dried figs, but they are high in fiber so I can’t or I will suffer gastronomical consequences. I must limit myself to 3-4 a day. My seven year old son loves these as well. It is one way I can get fruit into him. Costco sells these in a 40 ounce bag which I frequently get. They are a lot cheaper there. I don’t remember how much I pay, but it is around $10 or $15 for the bag. These are almost $27 for 42 ounces. This is one of those rare instances where it is cheaper to go to a brick and mortar store than buy on Amazon.
TimmyWillow Grove, PA


Dried figs are delicious, and these are no exception. They come packaged as 6 resealable 7 ounce packages. I will order again.
AngelitaNewton, UT

Golden delicious figs

This is a marvellous product. Such good mouth feel. Chewy, sweet and delicious.

Why waste words? Highly recommend this product.

MargaretDewitt, IL

Figgy Pudding was GREAT!

We were inspired to make Figgy Pudding after Christmas caroling with our Church. The song, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” has two verses that talk about Figgy Pudding – so off to a search engine, and what do you know we had to order figs – none found in the local stores. The figs were great, packed very nicely. The only drawback was the whitish patches on the figs. We did some research and found that this is VERY normal. I would order again and again.
KirbyVanndale, AR

Great taste and great source of fiber

I love these figs. They were not dried out as some figs on the market and had a great taste. Conveniently packaged where you can grab and go, even have it as snack in the car without making a mess.
SandiOconomowoc, WI