Madhava Organic Agave Nectar – Amber

Madhava Agave Nectar is an all-natural sugar replacement made from the juice of the Weber Blue Agave plant. It’s a simple plant based food that is a healthy alternative to highly processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our Amber Agave has a subtle maple-like flavor making it a delicious addition to entrees, sauces, roasted meat, and many other dishes. A great substitute for brown sugar, maple syrup, or molasses. Based in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, Madhava Natural Sweeteners has been providing 100% pure Rocky Mountain Honey for nearly four decades. Since 2002 we’ve offered the nation’s leading brand of organic Agave Nectar. Because Madhava pioneered and launched the agave nectar category in the US, we have long standing, meaningful relationships with growers and producers in Mexico. This guarentees us the highest quality, best-tasting agave nectar made exclusively from the Blue Agave plant.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 11.75-Ounce (Total of 141-Ounce)
  • Low Glycemic; GMO free
  • USDA organic; Kosher-free; Gluten-free

Top reviews

Watered Down!

I thought I would be getting a pure version of Agave at a great price until I tried it. This stuff is so diluted compared to other agave’s! No wonder why it is so cheap. Compare it with Volcanic Nectar’s Agave Nectar and you will/can never go back!
BrittaneyCaliente, NV

Great Product

Excellent quality Agave Nectar at a great price. The individual squeeze bottles are most convenient.
RennaCasnovia, MI

Great sugar substitute

I find this a product great as a sugar substitute because of its lower glycemic content. The product arrived within 48 hrs of ordering and it was in excellent condition…
JuliannSaint Libory, NE

Makes good wine — Recipe suggestion

Fermented Agave nectar is a really refreshing drink with a twist of lime. I usually use a wine yeast when I make some. In Mexico they ferment an Agave drink called Pulque. The best kind of nectar to use in dark unfiltered, it has the most nutrients. I find it helps to add a little honey to get the yeast going. I use about 1/2 gallon of nectar to make a 3 gallon batch. It takes a long time to ferment like honey. You can also distill Pulque to make Teqkillya! A good addmixure plant to Agave nectar is Yarrow. Yarrow contains thujones, the active intoxicant found in Absinthe (derived from Wormwood) but without all the toxic sideffects. It can be 5% alcohol but with Yarrow added it’ll feel more like 8% alcohol. Cactus prickly pears are also good to mix in Agave nectar fermentations but it’s an expensive addition. There’s nothing like it on a hot day. Yeah, I know most of you won’t like my review. Oh well, I’ll deal with it.
SuzannBath, NY

Tasts a bit like honey

Not much to say about this Agave Nectar. It’s sweet and has a nice flavor somewhat like honey. We purchased it to sweeten our marguritas and it does this nicely.
JerleneNorth Norwich, NY

Product Good, Bottle Awful

The agave nectar is delicious however, the bottle design has something wrong with it. Beware, as you use the product it seeps out from under the cap and you find a sticky bottle and puddle of goo when you go to use it again.
MarionArlington, VA

No sugar crash!

I’ve been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a.k.a. Myalgic Encephalomyalitis, CFIDS, CFS and ME) for 21 years and one trigger I’ve found is sugar. After too much I find myself crashing hard. This is not the case with Agave Nectar. I love this stuff, it lets me enjoy sweets without some of the horrible effects.

Agave Nectar has a very low glycemic index. This causes the sugars to be absorbed into the body much slower. I have found that this prevents me from ‘crashing’ after a sugar rush.

Glycemic index is a system that ranks foods by the speeds at which their carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body.

I use this just about everywhere I would use sugar, including my coffee. I also make chocolate bars using it with bittersweet chocolate.

ShellieMarietta, NY

The Best We’ve Found!

Forget aspartame and the artificial sweetners. Agave Nectar is a wonderful sweetner, and is completely natural. The price through Amazon is the best online price.
ShellieDalton, NE

Natural Sweetener, Low Calorie

Madhava Agave Nectar is a low calorie natural (and kosher) sweetener, that can be used by everyone, not just diabetics. It is made from the Agave cactus plant. Tequila is also made from this plant. You need only 1/4 as much Agave as you would sugar. Its very low glycemic load is something every dieter and type II diabetic can love.

What I like about Madhava Agave Nectar is that it is processed naturally, without the use of chemicals. We use it in soups, glazes, and for baking. We found the pricing on Amazon very attractive in comparison with local health food stores.

CheriseSumrall, MS

Great Taste, Naturally Sweet

I have purchased this particular item at twice the price in a local health food store. Now that I have found it on I order it only from this site. This sweetener is great tasting and a wonderful alternative to regular granulated sugar. I use it in my coffee every morning and it is wonderful. I recommend this product highly.
DorcasOxbow, NY

Love this Nectar

I love this nectar and wish Amazon would quit raising the price! Seems like every time I go back to purchase more the pack is a few dollars more. This is some of the best agave I have tasted. Very thick and rich in flavor. I use this primarily to make homemade chocolate syrup for my iced soy mocha’s and it’s just wonderful! I also use it on hot cereal, such as Quinoa flakes or plane oatmeal. Can’t say enough about it. LOVE IT!
FeliceSaint Helens, OR

Feel Better about my choice.

I was introduced to Madhava Agave from my sister back in Jan. 07. Because diabetes runs in our family I decided to use it for our teas and coffee, cereal(cold and hot). I have passed it to my friends and family and found that they are also enjoying the benefits. It has no after taste and doesn’t take much to make any thing sweet.
I highly recommend it to anyone, children as well. Amazon had the best price.
LilianaYoung, AZ

Madhave Agave Nectar

I started eating healthier one yr ago. THe biggest 1st step was to change my sugar intake. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I needed to replace the sugar in my coffee, desserts, etc without having to use artifial sweeteners which are bad and taste awful. M. Agave nectar comes from a plant and it is sweet and yummy. Now nothing replaces the taste of good old white sugar but agave does great. You can googel info on agave in the internet. Great for those with diabetic life styles. It also does not give you a sugar high or low like white sugar does. Its worth using it , I love it and order now by the dozen.
CorineBrownville, NY

Better than Sugar and low GCI

I LOVE this stuff!

It is liquid, so it dissolves easier. It is low GCI, so it is probably better for everyone, but especially anyone who is subject to sugar crash and diabetes. (Sometimes people eat a load of sugar, then crash because their body rebels.) It has a nice taste. It is natural. (I understand that white sugar is bleached.) In being natural, it does not take away from the healing properties of green tea. It can be used in baking, although I have not done so. I have seen a book out there to use for baking.

It is certified USDA organic. This almost 12 oz size is a nice sized bottle — about 5″ of syrup (almost 7″ high if you measure to the bottle top) and about 2″ diameter. It is also available in raspberry flavor, which I have at work (yum).

I like it better than the taste of sugar. Sugar tastes much sweeter to me. This tastes just right and a little goes a long way. 60 calories in a tablespoon but it is low GCI and you don’t need much. Ingredients are: pure organic agave nectar, organic natural flavor, natural color, citric acid. No long words I cannot pronounce! There’s a good thing!

In case you didn’t know it, agave nectar comes from cactus. Guess, what? It sure is easier to buy it in the bottle than to squeeze it out of the cactus leaf. I am still picking those sticky things out of my hands! 🙂

BTW, the bottle is sturdy plastic, easily transportable, and now has a nice flip open and closed top.

Whether you buy the amber, light, or raspberry, they are all good. Light has the same 60 calories, so don’t think you are going to save any by buying light. You might be healthier by buying agave products though. Tastes good, too!

TrinityStar, ID

Great product everyone loves it

We have bought cases of it it is good for baking deserts, pancakes waffles and is a great way to not use processed sugar
ArmindaDubois, WY

Better than sugar

My kids love it. I use it instead of sugar. Thus, it it much better for you than sugar. Try the Raw for cooking, Amber for waffles
MagdalenaElkfork, KY

Agave Nectar

Madhava Agave Nectar, Amber, 11.75-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)
After using Agave (in place of honey and syrup) for over a year, I accidentally found it on Amazon. I now buy it only through Amazon as it saves me 50% over my local grocery market, and it comes directly to my door. Also, there is no shipping expense, as a case meets the free shipping requirement.
Agave Nectar has a pleasant taste similar to, but somewhat milder than, honey. It has a lower GI than honey and syrups, for anyone wishing or needing to watch their sugar intake, as well.
MarivelSandoval, IL

Yum Yum Yum

I love this stuff! I have a sensitivity to honey (and it’s a little strong tasting anyway). The agave nectar has the consistency of honey, so it can be substituted 1:1 in recipes. I use it most in smoothies and on pancakes instead of syrup (the glycemic index is lower), but I’m starting to bake with it a bit. Still trying to figure out how to substitute it for white sugar, but I’m getting there. One of my friends and I usually split a case…makes it a lot less expensive than buying a bottle at a time at the health food store.
AlvinStillwater, OH

Nice Sweetner

This sweetner does not thicken and a little goes a long way. I use it everyday in my cereal and tea. I am glad it does not spike my sugar.

I would buy it again.

StellaGeorgetown, MN


Att: brown rice syrup, barley malt syrup, sorghum molasses, raw honey, millet malt syrup, maple syrup, fruit juice concentrate:

There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to natural, low-glycemic sweetners, and its name is AGAVE!

First and foremost, it tastes great! Will rescue the taste of anything.

Add to that: scientific research reveals it is low on the glycemic index,digests like a long-chain polysaccharide, can prevent cavities, can be used hot or cold.

The price has come down into the affordable range.

A no-brainer

JarvisEdison, CA

Not a deal

After purchasing this product online, I found the same exact product in a local grocery store for considerably less money. This item in a 12 pack cost .32 per ounce delivered. I can buy it at Trader Joes for .25 per ounce. Needless to say, I was very disappointed!
TobiCamden, AR

Very tasty!

The taste reminds me of maple syrup. It’s very tasty when used in cereal or on pancakes, but it’s also a perfect sweetener for my tea, and it doesn’t change the flavor of my tea when I use it. I don’t use honey, nor do I like the taste, and this does not taste anything like honey to me.
BobbyLower Brule, SD

Cutting out sugar.

I started using Madhava Agave after I saw something on a healthy eating program that mentioned using agave instead of sugar. I tried Madhava Agave which I started purchasing at the grocery store but it was expensive. I went on line and found it on I was so thankful that I can purchase it by the case which makes the price per bottle less than half the price I was paying in the store and I do auto ship so I don’t have to worry about running out!
JodyOlancha, CA

Agave Nectar is yummy !!!!

They say Agave Nectar is good for you…..who cares when something tastes this good. It’s got the flavors of honey and maple syrup rolled into one, but unlike honey it pours easily and dissolves even in cold liquids.
ArthurBeardsley, MN

Great Product

I bought this as a replacement for honey which has a tendency to crystallize in winter months. The taste is very comparable to honey. This product has been a excellent replacement and I would recommend it without a hitch.
ThaoOkolona, AR

Madhava Agave Nectar is the best

I’ve tried other sugar substitutes but when a friend referred me to Agave, I haven’t used anything else since. It is the best product to use in place of processsed sugar.
RolandoGriffin, IN

great low-glycemic sweetener

I rarely use natural sweeteners for anything, but this is tasty. It easily mixes into cold beverages. I use this now as a substitute for honey when I cook or bake. I have also tried it in coffee and tea. It is versatile. I end up using less to get the amount of sweetness I need. Since this is low-glycemic, it is good for those who are watching their caloric or sugar intake. There is no sugar high and then crash a little while later. Give this a try.
IeshaSheridan, NY

Agave Nectar is a great sugar substitute

THis was recommended by a friend. Great product. We use it in coffee and tea. You can use less than you would of sugar so you save some calories. Best is all natural unprocessed sugar.
JamaalRogers, TX

Amber Agave Nectar

I just love to have Amber Agave Nectar in my coffee every morning and in my afternoon iced Latte with Soy milk. Its a healthier choise. The agave nectar will not mess up your blood sugars if you are a diabetic. Its low glycemic. But it does have some calories. I also cook with it. I’ve put it in cakes & muffins. I think its real good!
DannaWamego, KS

great substitute for sugar

I use Agave Nectar for a sweetener in all my cooking and baking. I also like that it is low glycemic. I have trouble eating refined sugars and I find that this is a great substitute for sugar.
BarbaraNapoleon, OH