Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste, Large, 35-Ounce

Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste 35 ounce tub.

Quick facts

  • Yellow Curry Paste is the blending between Thai and Indian spices, particularly Tumeric, which provides the yellow color
  • Yellow Curry Paste contains NO shrimp paste and is free of animal products (Vegetarian)
  • NO MSG, No Preservatives, No Artificial Color

Top reviews

Excellent Curry Paste

We have used several different brands of Curry paste in our cooking. This is our first order of Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste. It certainly won’t be our last. The flavor is excellent and the price was reasonable.
WendyHesston, PA

Just what I wanted!

I ordered this because the local Asian market was out. I ended up getting a larger size than what the shop usually had to offer, It was a much better deal and I got it before the store got their shipment in from DC!
RachealMulhall, OK