Maggi Bouillon Vegetable 20-Each


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Thank Goodness for Amazon

Thank Goodness for Amazon!!! I couldn’t find my favorite Maggi Vegetable Bouillon Cubes in the Grocery Stores in my home town anywhere. Ingles used to carry it and they no longer do. I looked on line for weeks and could not find it. Then the light bulb lite up. AMAZON I said and there it was. Thank Goodness for Amazon, I was able to order what I love it is great for cooking and also good for just a cup of bouillon when you just want a little something different. I love it much better than chicken or beef in my cooking. It has much better flavor. Thank you again Amazon Please keep in your inventory.
CarlotaHaverhill, OH

vegetable bouillon

This is the BEST vegetable bouillon. I used to buy it at my local store but they stopped selling it. So glad to find it again.
Maggi Vegetable Bouillon Cubes, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 24)
ImaMoon, VA