Maggi Chicken Stock, HALAL, CASE 21g

Package contains 24 packs each having 21g(2 cubes) per pack. HALAL. Product of Egypt.

Quick facts

  • Package contains twenty four, 21-gram packs (total of 504-grams)
  • Product is Halal
  • Product of Egypt

Top reviews

Great product, BUT IT IS NOT HALAL!

The product in and of itself is great. The chicken bouillon has great flavor and works well in recipes. But, I called the manufacturer of this product today (Nestle USA) and they told me that they do not have halal certification for this product here in the United States. Therefore, it is not halal. The man told me that they do sell a milk product called Milo, which can be found here in the US as halal. But, this product is not halal. I just wanted to write this review because the message behind it is so important for my Muslim brothers and sisters out there.
StarrReserve, NM

delicious ingredient

Was turned on to this product by a family member. It’s delicious! Use anytime a recipe calls for broth, stock (liquid, powder or cube) or (unfiltered) pan drippings. It’s richer and tastier than any other broth or stock I’ve used. An excellent base for home-made soups, stews or cooking in general. It’ll make a 15 min. “soup” that’s good for the soul.
The large box is an excellent value too!
EldaNanafalia, AL


I used this product alot back home and couldn’t find it halal anywhere close by when I came to the US. I hit upon this page by chance and ordered one for myself. Package arrived a few days later in good condition with a load of time left before expiry (around an year left). Very satisfied, I’ll be ordering this item frequently.
WesCanadensis, PA

great product

Great product tastes exactly like the one I used to buy in Egypt I don’t know about the HALAL part because I only buy it for the taste since I’m not Muslim, good communication from the seller & fast shipping , overall great experience will definitely buy it again
ClorindaWise, NC

Just as good as the other brands!

I was hesitant to try these because I have never had this brand. In the end, I decided it was worth a try as these little boxes cost almost $2 each around here. I must say that these pretty much tastes the same as the more popular brands. I used them in everything from rice to soup and they were good. As a matter of fact, we used the whole box in about a month. I will definitely buy these on a regular basis!
JudeDoylestown, WI