Maggi Seasoning – 6.7fl.oz.

Maggi seasoning sauce with salt, spices and pepper. Nestle’s famous Jugo Maggi. Brings out the flavor in vegetables, soups, stews and stir-frys

Quick facts

  • 6.7 fluid ounce (200ml)
  • Delicious as a marinade for beef or pork
  • Terrific flavor enhancer when added to soups, stews, sauces, vegatbles, stir fry or rice
  • Contains no fat, cholesterol or sugar
  • Convenient to use — just add a few dashes to your favorite food

Top reviews

Still have not received this item

The rating above should be “0” because:

I’m very glad you offer this “Review” feature as it has been quite some time since I ordered this item and still have not received it! And I do not have the information about who I ordered it from to follow up. Please help.

Thank you…

CarrieManhattan, MT

Maggi is best

I love your product. It is so much better than anything on the market.

The only problem is finding a store that sells Maggi. Foodtown in my area had

this product for a while, but not lately. The only product they had with Maggi

label on it was a Beef Flavor Bouillon. This of course is not what I want.

ArlethaFairbanks, IN