Magic Poultry Seasoning – 2.2 ounce — 6 per case.

Serving size: 0.8 gram Serving per Container: 71

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Oh man, this stuff is so good. You can just douse your chicken with this, pat is down
and then cook it, bake it, grill it right up. Or, you can use as a marinade and let it work
its magic in the fridge overnight. Use it generously, this little bottle goes a long way.

Good sprinkled on sandwiches, soups, and the occasional pork chop or hamburger. Very universal
flavor that enhances almost anything, not just chicken. This is even good sprinkled in Hot n’
Sour Soup. Amazing. You can find this anywhere, you dont need to buy a case of it fer cryin
out loud! 5 Gizzards!

NakeshaOwings Mills, MD