Magnum Costa Rica Tarrazu, Ground Coffee, 1 Lb Bag

Wonderfully fragrant with a rich flavor, fully body and mild acidity. Considered by many to be the best “overall” coffee in the world.

Quick facts

  • Rich flavor with a full body and mild acidity
  • Perfect for drip or pressed coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Roasted in small batches for high quality
  • Guaranteed freshness with stay-fresh valve and special packaging

Top reviews

None too good

I ordered this bag of coffee just to get my order up to $25 for free shipping but I won’t ever order it again. It’s hardly even on par with grocery store stuff, a little stale smelling too – it’s sure no Peet’s Coffee! Of course Peet’s costs a fortune!
AugustineMarkleville, IN

Old weak coffee

This is the worst coffee I have ever gotten from amazon.
Not worth the time and effort I spent reviewing all the coffees at the site.
LeannaChampion, NE

I was looking for something different

So, I tried some of this coffee , I made a pot about five Minuets ago Ill try to describe for you what i’m tasting . Its ok , Its light but, not to light ,well rounded and I slight Vanilla taste witch I usually sum up to poor quality coffee . I think some people would really like this one , I prefer the Jamaican blue but , This is Vary good also .Ill try this on some friends I know like this kind of coffee .Coffee is pretty much personal taste , although I like something better doesn’t mean its not great coffee .
OrvalBlandville, WV

This is truly bad coffee

I bought this coffee at a local store. It is truly the worst coffee I have ever had. I first noticed the flavor was almost like burned plastic. When I poured it out it looked pale, not dark. There were big pieces of what looked like pieces of grass or wood. It had almost no aroma, but the bag was not broken.
AdaTupelo, MS

Was pleased

I ordered this because I was looking for something to replace Millstone Foglifter after the price got so outrageous. Wile not quit as rich it fit the bill will reorder
GabrielMillwood, WV

very good cup of coffee

I took a chance on this coffee becaused the only rating gave it a one star. I was pleasantly surprised. I make my coffee one cup at a time with a mesh camping filter and drink it immediately thus getting all the benefits of the flavor before it leaves for the atmosphere. Hopefully the quality control is such that your cup will also be pleasant.
GwennNew Columbia, PA