Maisie Jane’s Organic Curry Spiced Cashews, 2.5-Ounce Packages

These snack packs are great to throw in your purse, briefcase, backpacks, or children┐s lunches for the perfect individual serving size of healthy almonds! By lightly roasting the almonds it brings out the natural sweetness and crunch in the nuts. Gluten,

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 2.5-ounce (total of 10-ounce)
  • USDA organic
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free

Top reviews

Pretty good tasting, but contains dairy

These nuts come in a convenient package, and were a relatively reasonable price per pound for organic nuts. They shipped fast in good condition. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t list the ingredients, and for fellow readers with allergies, this product contains some dairy as part of the spice mix on the nuts. I ended up giving them to a friend, who thought they tasted pretty good.
HenrietteMizpah, NJ

Light to medium flavored curry cashews

These dry roasted nuts were VERY fresh tasting and it is too easy to quickly consume a whole bag; alas a lot of calories! I’m very pleased w/ this product and now will try more from this brand. Enjoy.
JedRed Level, AL