Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 ounce Box

Naturally enhance the flavors of your food with this pure and flaky sea salt. Ideal for cooking or seasoning dishes for clean, fresh taste without the bitterness. Simply crush over foods. Made using only traditional methods with no additives

Quick facts

  • 8.5-ounce box
  • Naturally enhances the flavors of food
  • Ideal for cooking or seasoning dishes
  • Clean, fresh taste with no bitterness
  • Made without additives

Top reviews

Maldon Sea Salt

Delivery was fast and satisfactory. Despite a review I read online that ranked this salt as best, I do not like it as well as Fleur de Sel de Camargue (Tresor des Sauniers), which I think is milder and more flavorful.
NathanaelEastville, VA

Salt of the Earth

I love Maldon salt. I discovered it when we visited England and had carefully hoarded my box until my daughter, when visiting England brought me back a box.

Maldon salt is large square bowls of salt mixed with big broken chunks, perfect for on top of bread or vegetables.

CharlsieSpringer, OK

Great, all purpose salt

Malden Salt is a wonderful salt that I use in small amounts in all my cooking.
GeraldoAdelphi, OH