Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 ounce Boxes

Naturally enhance the flavors of your food with this pure and flaky sea salt. Ideal for cooking or seasoning dishes for clean, fresh taste without the bitterness. Simply crush over foods. Made using only traditional methods with no additives

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 8.5-ounce boxes (total of 17 ounces)
  • Naturally enhances the flavors of food
  • Ideal for cooking or seasoning dishes
  • Clean, fresh taste with no bitterness
  • Made without additives

Top reviews

Don’t care for taste

I heard Maldon was supposed to have a wonderful taste. After using it for a while, my husband and I don’t care for the tast so much. As far as the use of it, I was under the impression it was to be used in cooking, but heard later it was for garnishing on a finished plate. When added to a pan to saute, it takes alot longer to melt than kosher salt. Some of the thicker flakes never melt completely, so we get a mouthful of large salt flakes with some bites of our meal (which I don’t like). Used as a garnish, it looks cool but again, it’s way to salty and thick for me to eat. The flavor is a very clean, super salty taste- more salty than the other sea and kosher salts we use. I know it is very popular so I am probably one of the few that doesn’t care for it.
RikkiHall Summit, LA

Not just for breakfast anymore

This salt is seriously fantastic. Lots of folks say there isn’t a difference in taste from salt to salt. IMO, not true. Natural salt has minerals going for it that may make it milder than old fashioned sodium chloride. I’m sure all this can be debated.

This Maldon (aka English Sea Salt) is super chunky and crunchy. It’s milder than normal salt, IMO and tastes great on just about everything. Also, “milder” doesn’t mean “add more salt”. I like to use this as a finishing salt to add a flavorful crunch to pan fried asparagus with black pepper and garlic, or sprinkle lightly on meats just before serving. Also is perfect for a coarse, dry herb rub for chicken.

ZonaPetroleum, IN

My favorite salt.

Man I love this salt. I swear even compared to other premium sea salts there’s something special about this stuff. I have been using it exclusively for a year or so now and have even given it as a gift along with good peppercorns and olive oil and my friends that aren’t foodies were really surprised at what a difference good salt makes.

Not that this matters but I see this salt being used on Iron Chef America frequently.

MayeGratiot, OH

great salt

I love the texture of this salt – I use it in place of kosher salt for finishing food because it looks great and has a wonderfully irregular texture. Perfect for sprinkling on salted caramels or other sweet salty goodies.
JavierNew Bedford, IL

This is the BEST!

Slate Magazine has a review on table salts and this was the winner. So I ordered some from Amazon and compared it myself to the brands available where I live, including Celtic Sea Salt. There is no comparison… Maldon is the standout winner. It is big flaky, crunchy pieces of very tasty salt. This is not a baking salt. It is more of a finishing salt to go “on” foods. It’s wonderful on avocado, steamed yellow squash, baked potatoes… etc. The Slate reviewer said he loved it the best on chocolate Häagen-Dazs ice cream! It’s that good.
CarisaZion, IL

One of the bes FINISHING salts on the planet!

I love this salt!

And for the reviewers concerned about it not melting quickly… it’s not supposed to. It’s a FINISHING salt. It’s a complete waste to cook with it, plus it’s hard to come up with equivalent measures if you were to use it when cooking in place of kosher or table salt. But sprinkled on a rib eye fresh off the grill, on a pan seared salmon filet just before you serve it, on roasted aspargus right out of the oven, or even over a fresh, crisp apple half – it’s “Na” heaven! If you already use finishing salts, you know what difference they can make. And if you’re not, it’s an easy way to take your dishes to the next level. Bon appetite!

EvanMidvale, UT

AMAZING finishing salt-Great price

Maldon is my go-to salt for finishing at the table. Perfectly delicate and crunchy, it’s an elegant addition to any table. Do’t worry too much about the price, because this will last you a good long time. You only use it for finishing at the table, not for cooking (cheaper kosher is the this for that), so you only use a pinch at a time.

I get it locally from Whole Foods which, ironically, has a really good price; for folks who don’t live near a store that carries Maldon, this is a good deal! Enjoy!

AndraHamlin, KY

Best Sea Salt on the market. Period.

I’ve tried dozens of brands and types of sea salt – Maldon’s salt flakes are, without a doubt, the best I’ve found so far. Constant rave reviews from all who try it. The Maldon folks are almost fanatical about delivery and packaging – never a problem in 4 orders.
MariselaPort Ewen, NY

Great salt for meats/fish

I discovered Maldon salt about 10 years ago, ever since it is a must in my kitchen. As a man who cooks a homemade meal every single day, this salt is outstanding when used with meats or fish. It will exponentially improve the flavor while adding a few notes of its own. Absolutely recommendable, especially at the affordable price Amazon is offering. Don’t use this salt in salads and similar dishes, since once it dissolves you will not notice much of a difference with other salts (there will be, it will just not be as pronounced). Just cook your meats or fish and then I suggest adding a spoon of extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkle a little bit of Maldon salt. You will not regret it.
WilheminaDelta, LA

The best salt for pre-seasoning

Maldon salt is the best for seasoning proteins before saute or grilling. It makes a really good finishing salt as well.
YeeGowen City, PA

A tasty, affordable sea salt

What a bargain. I usually buy pricier salts, but after using this one, that may never happen again. I share boxes with my family, and they love.
LadonnaReddick, FL

One of life’s little pleasures

Having this flake salt on my table isn’t a big deal, but when I sprinkle it on my food, it’s a burst of sea saltiness that I enjoy very much, and I know I’m also caring for my health, in one more small way. I’m the only one who uses it, so the two boxes last a long time, and I’m almost out, so I just ordered more. I have other sea salts for other uses. I just realized lately that this one makes an awesome salt to coat the rim of my margarita glass….also healthy, made with organic fruit juices and 100% agave tequila. Life is good 🙂
KenScobey, MT


Maldon salt is acknowledged to be the most elegant salt made. Irregular flakes make it ideal for finishing although it would be something of a waste to dissolve it in cooking. The flakes provide a ‘surprise’ when you encounter them, rather than an all-over saltiness. For another dimension, I recommend trying the smoked Maldon salt. The smoke flavor is much more subtle than the aroma.

Maldon flakes occupy one end of the spectrum…very clean and balanced, while a good Fleur de Sel adds it’s own flavors due to the microorganisms contained in it. Again, it is for finishing and would be a waste for cooking. Both represent the epitome of sea salts.

No other sea salts are in the running. Those red and black salts (colored with clay) are no more than novelty products manufactured for a curious public.

ZitaPoplar Grove, IL

salt flakes

I make flavored salts as gifts and the crunchy texture of these salts is perfect. My friends love them. They sound as good as they taste when you use your fingers to sprinkle on food.
KarolineAston, PA

Happy to find Maldon thru Amazon!

Maldon Sea Salt is increasingly difficult to find in my community. Imagine my delight when I looked for it online and there it was thru Amazon! Thanks for making it so easy to restock my pantry, Amazon! If you haven’t used this product, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I seldom use salt while cooking (except where it makes a real difference such as baking); instead I provide a small wooden bowl of Maldon at the dinner table as a finishing salt. Years ago a friend shared a conversation she and her husband had on their way home from dinner at our house: Husband asked why food at our home always tasted so good; wife replied “well, it may begin with the salt and pepper “gingergal” uses! Enough said.
LeannGouldsboro, PA

Maldon Salt Rocks!

OK, we tend to think salt is salt is salt, however, I had the great fortune to go to a wonderful restaurant in Barcelona, called Osmosis (check it out if you are in BCN and reserve a table, you won’t regret it); as a starter, we were given Catalan bread with a local olive oil and three different types of salt – Baltic, Australian and Maldon. Maldon was the fave of all of three of us – it has an amazing balance and you don’t feel you’ve consumed too much salt, which couldn’t be said for the other salts we sampled. I’m buying this ‘coz my teenage daughter, who was at the restaurant with me, enjoyed the salt so much (and we are a virtually salt-free family) she feels we need to have this as a staple in our home!
MagaliGarland, KS

Maldon Sea Salt

Product is exactly as described in it’s literature. Nice flaky salt with a gentle flavor.
LaineMillville, PA

Maldon Sea Salt

This salt is good for putting on top of focaccia. It looks good and has a nice crunch without getting a “rock” in your mouth.
TerrilynSouth Rockwood, MI

Puts The Sea in Sea Salt

I really thought I would love this salt; I really tried to love this salt: I am just not a big fan of this salt. This salt puts the Sea in Sea Salt (more so than other sea salts) -and for me that equates to a C in flavor. I really get an ‘ocean aftertaste’ that I do not care for. Perhaps this salt would go well with sea food, but since I don’t eat a lot of sea food it is not for me. Another disappointment for me is the loss of crunchiness when this salt touches anything moist; other salts seem to be able to hold onto their crunch a little better. I will raise this review if I find a food that embraces this salt’s uniqueness to my liking.
MarceneLanexa, VA

So Good!

I bought Maldon Sea Salt after a friend mentioned how good it was. I can’t believe the difference between it and other salts. The crunchy texture and the clean taste makes it perfect for everything from steak to a baked potato to desserts. It is and will be a permanent fixture on our table from now on.
RobertoGillett, AR


I read many recommendations for Maldon and how it is a great finishing salt. Looked all over at my local Whole Foods, grocery stores and gourmet shops. Whole Foods didn’t carry it and the gourmet shop sold it for much more than Amazon. So far I have used it on sauteed and roasted vegetables and a tomato and cucumber salad – delicious and a noticeable difference compared to the regular sea salt I was using (Kirkland brand).
ValrieDelta Junction, AK

Best of Britain

One of the best in the world. First tried this salt in Scotland and have been buying it ever since. Worth the price.
WalterLake City, SD

Great finishing salt

The first time we had Maldon salt was actually at a local Ice Cream shop, my husband fell in love and now uses it regularly as his primary finishing salt. Great Flavor and mouth feel. Completes just about any dish.
GiuseppeCedaredge, CO

Best salt around!

This salt is great! Not meant as a cooking salt, this is to be sprinkled on food as a finishing salt. It gives a wonderful salty taste to nearly anything, even if little or no salt is used in preparation. I use far less salt when cooking but still have the taste. Other sea salts I’ve tried are too hard and crunchy. This one has very thin pyramid-shaped crystals. It adds perfect crunch and flavor to meats, vegetables, and salads.
RonniMohrsville, PA


I use this salt and don’t tell people that I’m using it. It makes me look like I’m a chef!I only use it as a finishing salt though


CheriParma, MI

The best sea salt ever!

Save yourself the trip to Williams Sonoma and save some $$, too. I have used Maldon Salt for years.
Good product for cooking. I won’t use any other.
TaylorHarrisville, NY