Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (250g)

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Top reviews


I find this salt to be quite superior, better than much higher priced and more exotic salts. They are fine for a little talk at the table, but this salt works well everywhere and with distinction. The shape of the crystals is the key here … do not grind it!!!
ValenciaVirgie, KY

So good I hate to share!

I was first introduced to Malden Sea Salt while visiting a friend in London. I raved about it so much my host gave me a farewell present of two boxes to take home to the US. I hoarded that salt. The rest of the family got to use table salt; I salted my food in the kitchen with the Malden salt.

Alas, eventually I ran out. Eureka! I found it on Amazon! I’m saved, life is good. Now that I can buy more whenever I run out, I’ll even share.

JaquelynPeach Bottom, PA

My favorite Salt by far!

I will never use another salt again! Perfect flavor and you don’t need as much as regular salt! Enjoy!
NidiaRockhill Furnace, PA

The ONLY Salt to Use

This is the best salt ever. Use it as a finishing salt at the table. It’s crunchy and not too salty. (Read that, you can get LOTS of crunch.) I will never use another salt.
BrittMadison, ME

Maldon Salt

I don’t know what I would do without this salt! It makes fruit, veggies, potatoes, filet mignon, even chocolate taste insane. No doubt, the best finishing salt ever to grace a table.
JoannieArcola, PA

The best sea salt by far!

Once you try Maldon sea salt, there truely is no going back. I always thought, try one sea salt and you’ve tried them all. NOT SO. Maldon is the favorite of many professional chefs for a reason. It’s simply superior to all the others. Tasting is believing.
DarylSundance, WY

Maldon Sea Salt

I love Maldon Sea Salt, which I keep in a salt box in my kitchen and in salt mill on the dinning room table. I have other sea salt’s and some fancy varieties, but Maldon Sea Salt remains my all time favorite and I use this salt most of the time. I use salt but , I use it sparingly, and a little Maldon Salt flavors things very nicely.
I highly reccomend Maldon Sea Salt.
MariettaScranton, KS

Salt of the Earth

I love Maldon salt. I discovered it when we visited England and had carefully hoarded my box until my daughter, when visiting England brought me back a box.

Maldon salt is large square bowls of salt mixed with big broken chunks, perfect for on top of bread or vegetables.

And the two boxes are a great idea, the two should last possible the entire year making it a great deal for a wonderful luxury.

LouveniaAlexander, AR

Adds flavor not saltiness

Strange but true! Maldon contains more minerals, so you use less. The less you use, the less sodium in your diet.
TemekaNorth Ridgeville, OH