Maldon Sea Salt – Pack of 3

There is no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt and it is now one of the best recognised brands in the market. Its soft white flaky crystals are free from artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavour, which means less is required.

Quick facts

  • Seasoning with substance
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Distinctive texture
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Enhances the flavour of your food

Top reviews

Looks nice but….

because of the shape of the crystals makes it is difficult to get a even spread. Some parts of your steak are saltier than others. It does have a nice crunch but the taste is not so special, to my buds anyway. I prefer French Grey Salt for taste and since it is a fine grain it can be ‘applied’ evenly. Not to mention the price 17 bucks for 5 lbs delivered.
LorriWilliamsport, KY

Great tasting salt

I first tried this salt in a cooking class, and fell in love with it. The salt crystals are little pyramids, and it’s extremely salty, so if you don’t like the salt taste, this is not the salt for you.

Definitely will be used in my kitchen for many years to come.

LekishaChauvin, LA

Salt of the Earth

I love Maldon salt. I discovered it when we visited England and had carefully hoarded my box until my daughter, when visiting England brought me back a box.

Maldon salt is large square bowls of salt mixed with big broken chunks, perfect for on top of bread or vegetables.

This box will last a very long time making it a very affordable luxury.

RosendoHaddam, CT

The best finishing sea salt out there for texture and flavor!

Truly the best in a field of excellent salts. Maldon uses a unique process of wood fires and channeled salt water to produce a light, flaky sea salt that both crunches and melts in your mouth. Worth every penny.
AdrianeAlgonac, MI

Lovely flakes of sea salt

There are many different varieties of sea salt out there. What makes Maldon unique is its large, pyramidal flakes. Some people use it for general cooking, but it really shines best as a finishing salt. That means cook with less salt, but sprinkle salt on the finished dish. You really get a chance to experience the unique characteristics (primarily texture) of each salt that way, and Maldon has a light crunch that I find very pleasant.

Some people claim to be able to taste the difference between salts, but as long as there are no additives, I find all sea salts taste the same. The pleasant texture and relatively reasonable cost make Maldon an excellent choice.

Regardless of whether or not you buy this salt, try tasting a standard table salt next to a sea salt. The iodine and anti-caking agents have a distinct and unpleasant bitterness. If you’re not willing to get spendy on sea salt, at least find a salt with no additives, something like Diamond Crystal Kosher salt.

MollieNorth Middletown, KY


Delicious and great value!! Recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow in her cookbook. Use mostly as a finishing salt and it is yummy!
MercedezDale, WI

The Best Salt in the World

I love this Salt, I always used it in England. My son used to bring it for me, every Easter and Christmas. Now =I buy it direct from Amazon. Wonderful!!
FidelaCamdenton, MO


Best salt ever! I like a variety of salts in my kitchen. This is a wonderful addition. It is a great finish to any savory dish.
VitaRailroad, PA

I keep coming back to this

I have tried Hawaiian, Peruvian, French, South African (west coast) salts and keep coming back to this. Every once and a while I like to use black lava or red salt from Hawaii for effect, but this finishing salt has a wonderful texture and is a fraction of the price.
JuliusLong Island, ME

Great finishing salt

A Chef recommended Maldon’s as a must have for the serious cook. I couldn’t agree more. Not to be wasted, it provides a excellent finish to serious dishes.
JimmieSaxapahaw, NC

Finishing touch

I do a lot of cooking and find this a nice touch as a finishing salt to my menu. Good flavor and fun to pass in a little dish for my guests to use.
MadelynOconto, WI