Mama Leone’s Tuscany Vegetable Soup Mix, 10oz Bags

This is a lighter version of a hearty stew. The stock in the base is more of a vegetable nature and not so heavy. We only use a navy bean in this soup, we find that is quite nice and flavorful, more like a light vegetable. Tuscany vegetable soup is traditionally a vegetable soup, but meat lovers may add some lean ground beef, chicken strips (can used canned chicken) or the best is lean ground Italian sausage. Simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese fresh grated or canned.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 10-ounce bags (total of 40 ounces)
  • Easy to prepare, just add water
  • All Natural
  • Low Sodium
  • Great Gift Idea

Top reviews

Soup That I wished I had tasted!

I have not had a chance to try this soup. When it arrived, all the packages, all 4 of them, were torn open and there is no way that I can seperate the contents to make the soup.

It sounds delicious, but I have no way of knowing. I wish the people who make this product would send me another to try at their expense and sealed in a better way.

Actually, I have no real true way to give it any stars as much as I would like to.

BeeWaynesville, OH

nothing but potatoes!

I bought the vegetable soup at a County Fair expecting a hearty and varied vegetable soup. But the soup is misnamed. It should be called “potato soup” because that’s all that is in it. This soup is expensive so you’d think they’d at least include a few veggies. But no, they’d rather pack in lots of desiccated potatoes to fool the customer. Save your money.
AstridObion, TN