Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortillas 12.5oz

Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas are delicious. Unlike other low carb tortillas, Mama Lupe’s taste just like regular restaurant tortillas. Use Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas to make a low carb snack or meal. Make a breakfast burrito or replace bread in your favorite sandwich. However you use Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas, you are sure to enjoy them. Packaged in a resealable bag: 10 tortillas, net weight 12.5 oz (360g).

Quick facts

  • Low Carb, But tastes like regular tortillas!
  • Only three impact carbs per tortillas!
  • Package of 10 tortillas

Top reviews

Half Mexican highly recommends

Great substitute for flour tortillas made with real lard. Great texture. Not pretty to look at. Browns nicely. Try with Asadero cheese in a quesadilla or with your huevos con chorizo. Not just as good, but very nice. I think I can make it through Atkins (lost 30lbs so far) with these tortillas and may even enjoy this low carb thing. Taste could fool me, but then I am only half Mexican!
KatelynnWyoming, RI


I was very skeptical about what a low carb tortilla would taste like but it is amazingly good. Great texture and doesn’t fall apart when you’re eating it. I prefer these now over regular tortillas.
IrvinPalmdale, CA

Great taste, like eating a high-carb tortilla, but the price is not worth it!

I ordered these from Netrition for 3.60 per bag. The $9 price on Amazon is a bit ridiculous.

That said, these tortillas are amazing! I use them for wraps, cut them up and microwave them for hardy tortilla chips (careful, they’re VERY filling and a bit thick), and make individual pizzas in the toaster oven.

One problem I encountered was storage – I kept them in the original bag and stored them in a drawer with some Orbit gums. Apparently, the wintergreen and mint scents penetrated the bag and tainted the tortillas. Now they all have a slight mint flavor at the end (this can be negated by filling them up with tasty food items or frying in oil for a short while). If you plan on ordering a couple of bags and keeping them for a while, store them in an air-tight container that can’t be penetrated by gasses. A ziploc freezer bag or tupperware should suffice.

LucianoOrland, ME

Wow, love these things! Goodby horrible tasting LC tortillas of the past!!!

Night and day difference from other brands I had used. On LC diet, these work great with alittle taco meat and lettuce, taste great. I put them in a pan for few minutes, nothing but heat, and they come out with a great texture. I also have made Chicken QUESADILLA with checking pieces and cheese, back to back, in pan. Works and tast’s great!!! Highly recommended, and lots of Fiber to add to my daily count. Best I have tasted of the many, many types out there. Glad I took the plunge, will never go back to the Safeway or other ones i’ve used in the past.
JeniferEndwell, NY

Makes great chips

Based on the previous reviews, I tried these low carb tortillas and was not disappointed. I like to make my own salsa, but did not have chips and frankly, pork rinds do not cut it. These were great! I cut them into pie slices and fried them in a pan. Some people have sprayed them with olive oil and baked them. I will try that next. I will be buying these again.
QuintinOakhurst, OK

Love these tortillas!

I was so glad I discovered these tortillas. I use them as a mini-wrap for sandwich items and when I’m craving something sweet, I saute them in a little butter until slightly crispy and then sprinkle with cinnamon and stevia. Really tasty. They can be pricey, but if you search around, you can find better pricing.
TheronWexford, PA


this was so not worth the buy. I think they had a horrible after taste and just didn’t like them at all.
InellGrottoes, VA

Very very tastey, highly recommend!!!

Very very tastey, highly recommend!!!
Mine arrived very fast shipping but expiration date on package was expired by one week or so. Got refund when contacted CS. Went ahead and tried one with some ribye steak and was very surprized how great tasting they were. They were at least as good as regular tortiallas at nice mexican resturants around here. Highly recommend product.
NubiaWishram, WA

Don’t think about it…just buy it! You won’t regret it 🙂

A definite must buy. I’m latina and this tortilla is as close to a real flour tortilla can get. Does not compare to anything out on the market
MadalineHudson, WI

Surprisingly good!

I’ve been in a bread/tortilla withdrawal since starting low carbing a few weeks ago. I saw some reviews on these, and figured I’d give them a try. The flavor is not bad like the old low carb tortillas from years ago. I plan on keeping these on hand at all times. To the previous viewer who said they had absorbed odors, you should always try to keep any tortillas tightly wrapped (ziplock, etc.) in the fridge. I also purchased these $3.49/pack, online at I love my Amazon, but this price is just too high.
PamellaWallington, NJ

Seriously delicious

I was reading reviews for the La Tortilla brand and the Mama Lupe’s brand was mentioned several times. I assumed they were fake reviews so I did my own searching outside of amazon and the consensus was they really are great. I took a chance and ordered a dozen from another vendor. My family couldn’t be more pleased with a low carb item. They are excellent! I heat them on the griddle for a few seconds and use them for fajitas, wraps, crackers for dipping. Very pleased!
SudieCrossnore, NC


Excellent low-carb option for people on low-carb diets. Also a very tasty product even if you are not… I deep fried a few of them just to see how it worked and they were even better (and definitely much worse for me health wise!). Overall, extremely well made and high quality product!
JackelineCameron, SC