MANISCHEWITZ Whole Wheat Matzo, 10-Ounce Boxes

Manischewitz whole wheat matzo, 10-ounce boxes (pack of 8) are a fast and fabulous way to present your favorite party schmear. Plus they make a great low-fat snack. And these are just a couple of ideas! All our Matzos and Crackers are baked in a brick oven, so you know they’re going to taste fresh––no matter how you serve them, or which variety you choose.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, 10-ounce boxes (total of 80-ounces)
  • Certified kosher by the orthodox union
  • A fast and fabulous way to present your favorite party schmear
  • A great low-fat snack

Top reviews


I didn’t realize there would be no salt–it’s quite like eating cardboard. I enjoy the flavor of grain, so I can eat it, but I have to perk it up. In the future I will order something else.
SpringMagnolia, MN

simple is best

I have been trying out different crackers and pretzels to fulfill my need for something nonsweet and crunchy that isn’t too bad for me. I think Manischewitz has a real shot at the non-bube market. Even though there is no salt added, these whole wheat matzos aren’t tasteless. I think they would sell more boxes to outsiders if they shrank the image of the crackers on the box and included a simple hummus recipe on the back of the box as a serving suggestion. It couldn’t hurt.
HerminaModeste, LA

Great Matzos

Whole wheat matzos are hard to find in my locality, but I prefer the nutritional value and whole wheat taste of them over those made with white flour. These are plain matzos with no salt added. That gives them diminished salty taste but more flexibility.
To use with meals or salads, I brush one side of them with salad dressing (I use Italian), place them brushed side up on a cookie sheet and set in a preheated 350 degree oven for five minutes. This makes them crunchy and tasty. For a special sweet treat, I use one of the chocolate or toffee recipes found on the Martha Stewart website. These treats have become a highly requested item on certain special occasions.
I also like to carefully melt cheese over them in the microwave to create a sort of pizza effect.
The boxes did not ship well and most were received with the tops broken open. The matzoth nonetheless arrived sealed in plastic, whole, fresh and intact.
ArdelleLeiters Ford, IN