Manuka Honey Bio Active 5+, 500g/1 lb Jars

Manuka Honey is special because it is heat tolerant. This means that at normal body temperature (98.6) the enzymes remain active when taken internally. This allows the enzymes to work effectively against the H-Pylori bacteria that can cause digestive problems. It also contains special antibacterial properties that are very similar to hydrogen peroxide. It is those properties that make the honey effective when using it for burns and diabetic ulcers. Raw unprocessed honey has been used since the time of the Egyptians for treating burns and wounds, it prevents moisture from getting into the wound so harmful bacteria cannot live. Manuka Honey is collected with care from native Manuka Trees in New Zealand’s remote, pollution-free forests to produce the highest quality bio-active Manuka Honey.

Quick facts

  • Harvested from a clean New Zealand environment.
  • Every batch is tested and graded for activity
  • Cool processed, not heated
  • Contains all the properties of raw honey

Top reviews

don’t buy this horrible tasting honey

this is my review of this brand of honey.


tastes horrible.

it cannot be returned.

Manuka health new zealand ltd. honey tastes better but their jar hurts my hand when I open it. there is this angled plastic ring around the top of the jar thats digs into your palm. I’ll get another jar and put that honey in it.

this is only my opinion but I think this honey is bad.

spend your own money and find out or just avoid it.

IolaCoolidge, KS

Pretty nasty stuff

I question the freshness of this honey. I took it in an attempt to help my ibs and found that it was ineffectual. Moreover, it just taste bad.
YoshieRock Hill, SC

Not an Acne medication, not a health medication just something for the sweet tooth

I purchased this raw honey, in hopes that it will do wonders for my health and my blemished skin, but my hopes were set up too high.

The raw honey does have a unique taste at first but after half way through the bottle, the taste gets annoying. It’s not as tasteful as the honey that is sold on grocery stores. This one is more thick and therefore makes it VERY hard to spread around your waffles or pancakes.

I read many reviews stating that this honey is good for your health. Well ever since taking it, nothing really changed at all. I’ve had this honey for months and no significant health improvement of any kind has happen.

I was mostly aiming at the skin issues that I have. I heard honey is recommended as a mask to kill bacteria on the skin that could cause blemishes. So with all of the health benefits that this honey was said to have, I trusted that it would not only improve my health but also help fight my acne. Well it sure didn’t do a single thing to change my skin condition. Just hours of annoying thick honey on my face. No blemish was stopped, no quickness in fading away the red spots and absolutely no skin improvement of any kind. My skin didn’t feel cleaner at all nor did it glow or changed a single thing. A simple soap sure left me more satisfy than putting this on my face day after day in hopes that it would help.

Bottom line is that this is a good product if you are just using it as a substitute for sugar. It has that sweet taste for the sweet tooth. It’s thick but if you have time you could warm it up in the microwave or in something hot.

So if your planning on getting this to help fight acne, I would recommend spending that money for a product that at least labels it self with the ingredients to fight acne. This is just for the sweet tooth!

RosaliaEleroy, IL

Best of New Zealand

We have spent a number of weeks in NZ over the past 5 years and discovered this honey – as well as hiking through Manuka bush country. There is something to this “active” honey that my wife swears helps her allergies. On top of that I swear by it because it is so darn good on toast. It is win-win!!
AprylReevesville, SC

fake comvita manuka honey

I’ve had the comvita UMF+5 lable in New Zealand and this is not it. They showed that lable but sent another brand that doesn’t come close to it. It’s a fake.
BrigetteEchola, AL

Great stuff!!

I have read the praises of Manuka honey for a while, and decided to get it when I found it on Amazon. The honey is wonderful in tea, and spread on toast, YUM!!
RichardMatinicus, ME

Really Nice Honey

This honey has a very nice taste. It arrived in a somewhat crystallized state (more like spreadable honey paste), probably because the weather here is quite cold. I’m sure it will liquify if I put the jar in warm water. It’s great just the way it is. Not sure if it has any of the health benefits Manuka is known for but I would buy this honey again.
DarcelSunland, CA

Falsely advertised as “Comvita”

Rather disappointed in Amazon… This is not “Comvita” honey but”Kiwi Kosher Parve” and does NOT taste like Manuka honey whatsoever. It is cheap for Manuka but expensive for the regular honey it actually is. I guess that he problem is that hey changed the source and kept the ratings for the old, Comvita product, which is incorrect practice from Amazon… I ate Comvita brand Manuka honey before and it definitely tastes better than this one!

It is incorrect practice changing the product and keeping the ratings for the old one.

TawanaOrrick, MO

Works on Eczema

My daughter has been suffering from eczema for years. She would go to the DR and they prescribed steriod cream. After researching online I heard about honey. We tried this product and it takes care of any flare ups quickly!! I feel much better applying honey to her skin rather than steriods!
GennaPriddy, TX

Not real honey

Have to say something about this “honey”. At first I didn’ believe those negative comments, and bought it as gift for friends. But when I finally tasted it, I had to admit that I made a mistake. Some part of the honey is tasteless, and other parts taste too sweet. And it doesn’t taste like manuka honey at all. Perhaps it is some some chemical mixture of sweetener, strange spices and starch. I cannot believe I sent this as a gift to friends. They may think I hate them!
OkIsabella, MO

Truly Cures or Helps Most Stomach Problems

A miracle in my life! I tried this out of desperation, and it really does work. Over 20% of Americans suffer from Stomach problems and Doctors truly cannot help. They will give you tests, limited diets, medicines and generally albeit Innocently…they do not help. This is not weird Health food, it truly works. Plus it is good. Over the years…I have had chronic gastritis or IBS and or maybe an ulcer. Knowing that Medical intervention is limited at best, I sought alternative means of helping myself. Read up for yourself and you will understand how incredibly simple and logical this is. Plus it is delicious. I take a couple lg teaspoons /day, am careful about what I eat and have experienced an amazing recovery. Try it yourself, you can’t loose.
EstelleLittle Valley, NY

Pretty Good

This honey is delicious in tea, although I’ve found that I have to use quite a bit to get it sweet enough. I have some acne scars on my face, and redness. I’ve put some of this honey (mixed w/ a little tea tree essential oil)on that area of my face and I’ve noticed a difference in the redness and the scars seem to be fading a bit. Pretty good stuff. Also try Garden of Life Lehua Honey which I have found to have some healing properties as well (plus I think it tasted better…)
LatonyaMeadville, PA

Manuka honey review

My oldest daughter is very into natural healing and products. She suggested Manuka honey. It has a very good taste and can be used externally as well. My youngest daughter had a place on her arm we applied the honey, the next day it was completely gone. We also did this on a cat, who was having skin problems.This is an excellant product!!
GeraldineOvid, CO

Wonderful Flavor, Unsure of Manuka Properties

This honey doesn’t have a UMF rating for some reason. New Zealand is strict about how manuka honey is labeled, and Comvita sells other honeys that do have a UMF rating, so I’m uncertain why this one is labeled “certified” and “active” without having an actual UMF number or certification anywhere on it. That being said, this is probably the best testing honey I’ve ever tasted. I love to spread it on toast, as several others here have mentioned, or mix it into hot tea (PG Tips, of course). I’m not sure if this has helped with my mild GERD, but some of the GERD issues I have seem lessened since I started regularly consuming this honey. I also tried it as a mask for my face and I didn’t notice any particular improvement, but maybe my skin was in better shape than I realized. YMMV, of course. Regardless of its purported magical properties, the taste is incredibly delicious and this could be a staple in many pantries. My husband at first said it tasted “mediciny” to him, but later grew to love it it. To me it tastes like a spoonful of heaven.
TildaHagatna, GU

Good results

I have been using this on some recent surgical incisions & also some scars that are more than 2 years old. The honey seems to be helping. Also a friend had an ulcer on her lower leg & she is also impressed with the healing. We have been using this several weeks. It’s not an overnight cure, but there is definite improvement.
TommieLeckie, WV

Mauka Honey

Just bought it. I have stomach problems and I use it when I start to feel pain. It takes it away. I do not eat it all the time as it is very sweet and have not adjusted to that yet.
AngeloLincoln City, IN

Not the product I ordered

I have ordered Comvita honey for about two years and have always been satisfied with the product. Recently, I ordered this product and was sent a different brand which did not hold up to shipping. Twice I had to re-order and twice the package came not properly insulated/wrapped. I had a leaky mess both times as the caps had popped off the jars during the mailing process and the honey was spilling all over the leaking package. If this product (Comvita Brand) is no longer available then it should not be on the website, and if this other product is a substitute, then it should be properly wrapped for shipping. I do want to say though that each time I called, the customer service reps were very kind and helpful and tried to handle the problem immediately without any hesitation. It is one of the many reasons why I continue to do business with Amazon.
JanaManville, WY

Good stuff

I love this stuff. At first, the taste left me with a funny face, but I got used to it and now crave it every morning. My aunt recommended it to me and she gives it to her kids for cold symptoms and allergies, and it works for them. I found that it helped clear up my face a bit, too. I can’t promise it will do the same for you as various reviews can tell you, but I found my acne came down to a more controllable level, making it easier to maintain my few breakouts. The honey isn’t a a solution for every cold, allergy, or acne breakout, but in my case, it certainly helps a lot.
LonaNorthbrook, IL


I first learned about manuka honey in the form of a hand cream. I recently purchased a jar of this honey at a time that I was starting to get a cold and was also suffering from another bout of acid reflux. I got up in the middle of the night and had a spoonful and felt immediate relief in my throat. When I lay back down I felt less and less heartburn. (Tastes a lot better than apple cider vinegar too) I am even keeping a jar of it at the office. It’s worth giving a try.
GastonPorterdale, GA

Excellent Honey

I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux esophagitis and ordered this honey based on recommendations from others and I’m glad I did. Taking a spoon full of this honey whenever I would begin to experience painful esophageal spasms helped a great deal. I’ve gone through a jar and a half of it, and along with nexium and quitting smoking I am healing and no longer having the spasms.

I’m ordering two more jars now just because it’s some of best tasting honey I’ve ever had!


JacelynGarden, MI

Good Price-Good Product

I read several articles about Manuka honey helping people with stomach problems and decided to give it a try.I mix about a tablespoon of honey with some peanut butter to cut the sweetness,and put it on a cracker. I eat this every night before bed and it sure does seem to help.I don’t wake up with a problem stomach first thing in the morning anymore.My stomach lets me know if I forget to eat the honey for a few nights.This honey is very sweet to me but everybody’s taste is different.
ConcepcionWoodville, MS

Manuka Honey purchase

This is a fine product for eating, and tastes great as a spread. I think it could be the start of a terrific BBQ sauce as well. Amazon also provided excellent customer service with my purchase.
LashawndaCarson, ND

Best honey for my money

Although this is of the more viscous kind, it smells good and has a nice sweet taste. I have been using it as a sugar substitute and it has worked very well. It’s a bit pricey compared to all the other commercial, processed honey available, but well worth it. Buy the 2 pack, you won’t regret it.
LibradaBelmont, TX

Best honey product on the market

I recently tried Manuka Honey and have found it to be one of the best honey products on the market. It is not as liquified as most products, but it dissolves quickly into any hot liquid. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a high quality honey product.
JoelleAnthony, FL

Manuka is life!

Manuka honey is a daily staple. I use it right out of the jar or in my daily cups of tea. I also use it to sweeten oatmeal It is a sweetener par excellence and its health benefits have allowed me to be free from colds for the past 3 1/2 years, a string I plan on keeping up as long as my Manuka allows me to.
EboniSea Cliff, NY

Not Comvita but still Manuka – but so what?

For some reason the company doesn’t have their name on the label but on the side it says it’s “packed by Arataki for Pacific Resources International” and it does seem to be a large well-known respected company. I bought this at Whole Foods knowing nothing about Manuka honey but wanted to see what it would do about a burn on my hand. It did improve it very much and I was sold. So I read up about Manuka honey and went and bought Wedderspoon 16+. that was LESS effective than this jar. However, then I tried some local raw wildflower honey and it was just as effective as this, and tasted better, and was a lot cheaper…

The NIH tested four types of raw honey. They found that Manuka did have a higher level of antibacterial properties, but it was not as high as something called mountain honey. They didn’t specify which mountain and also didn’t indicate the level of Manuka. Also, ALL honey clears skin blemishes. Manuka may be better for internal problems as stated – I don’t know about that – but I’m sticking with the local raw stuff for $10 a jar. I think wildflower honey is the best because who knows where the manuka bees go anyway? They probably go all over the place unless they are confined.

RosanaAlbany, MO

Good Stuff

Tastes great, I will keep ordering this product since its honey and honey doesnt usually go bad. Over all this is good stuff
CatinaGilbert, MN

A class all of it’s own. You might eat the spoon!

I love Honey. This Manuka honey (I’m on my 10th jar in three years) is much more mature and smooth than anything I’ve ever had. A spoonful of this honey in the morning will do wonders for you all day. I say order it to try it – you will be back for more. I saw this honey for sale today at 125th Fairway for $28 per bottle. Amazon is offering a great deal.
OraDuck Creek Village, UT

Very fine honey

I found this honey to be very good and certainly will continue to purchase it.
KittyBells, TX