Maple Organic Bitters Spray 10ml liquid by Urban Moonshine

Bitters for better digestion. Enjoy them in water or your favorite cocktail. Cultures around the world have long believed that bitter flavors are essential to good health because they stimulate the digestive system. Thus began the tradition of steeping bitter-tasting roots, leaves, berries and fruits in alcohol and serving the mixture before or after a meal. Often the formula was accompanied by more pleasant tasting carminative herbs such as ginger, fennel, cardamon, or orange peel. Now, whether you enjoy them as an apertif, digestif, or as a remedy to settle an upset stomach, calm a hangover or gently cleanse the liver, bitters are back! Whether you are seeking the digestive benefits or recreating classic cocktails, these original bitters are certified organic and handcrafted to please everyone. Urban Moonshine`s Maple bitters brings a hint of Vermont maple sweetness to our traditional bitters blend. Ideal for your new signature cocktail or to sweeten up medicinal bitters for someone new to this wonderful digestive aid. The 10ml spray bottle is an exciting new convenient way to deliver this fantastic medicinal. Fits right in your pocket for use when dining out and is easily refillable with the 2 oz bottles.

Quick facts

  • 10 ml liquid
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

Top reviews

Interesting product, clever delivery

Good taste, easy to carry and the spray concept is a wonderful way to ingest it. The maple flavor tones down the intensity of the bitterness. I recommend this product if you are looking for a bitter digestif!
EarnestPinto, MD