Mara Natha All Natural Roasted Almond, Butter Creamy, 26-Ounce

Maranatha Natural Almond Butter is made with the finest roasted almonds, this mellow flavored butter makes a terrific sandwich.

Quick facts

  • Made with the finest roasted almonds
  • Mellow flavored butter
  • All natural
  • Creamy

Top reviews


I bought this product from Costco this past weekend. I am a student teacher and I gave a jar to my mentor and kept one for myself. The next day she came to work complaining that it made her sick. I was not sure if it was because it was a new addition to her diet or not so I ate some of mine despite her warning. I became sick in the same way (diarrhea and severe upset stomach) within the hour. I have been eating this product almost every day every since Costco started selling it so I know that this is not normal but it is really scary. I am a vegan so it is not likely that the apple that I had today was the culprit. I would stay away from this product for a good while. I contacted Maranatha as well as Costco, Costco “noted” the problem but took no steps to remove it from the shelf and I am waiting for Maranatha to get back to me. DON’T BUY!!!!!!!!!
NereidaBurton, OH


Almond butter is just way too expensive for regular use. It tastes ok compared to peanut butter, or any other nut butter. One thing I dislike (besides price) is it is much runnier then PB, without the nice smooth texture (I’m comparing to real PB not the overprocessed stuff). So my suggestion is those wanting the health benefits of almonds ought to opt for eating almonds in nut form rather than butter form as you’ll save a ton of money.
MayolaDover, OK

the size must be wrong

This brand doesn’t make a 26 oz bottle. Its a bit misleading to state that’s how much there is. It must be the total weight of the bottle and product. I wonder how is actually in it.
PamelaBoykins, VA


This stuff is awful, tastes/smells like linseed furniture polish. Expiration date wasn’t for 6 months. Given how expensive it is I expect excessive quality control.. not so.
ChinGreenwood, CA

misleading advertisement-very disappointing

If you read the label on the Almond Butter it says “Creamy and Raw” They do not send the Creamy and Raw item. They send Roasted Almond Butter. This is wrong and extremely misleading and not good business!
DyanMerom, IN

Great taste

Bought this in spite of the high price and unreasonble S&H, just to match what I make at home. I mix it with fresh ground hemp seed. I buy the almonds (in the shell) at […], soak the nuts and grind them in my VitaMix… Beats peanut butter to hell and back.
AidaKillbuck, OH

poorly wrapped almond butter

I got my almond butter in the mail and opened it. too my surprize i found chunks of almond butter
all around inside the box. the almond butter become unsealed and splattered all arround inside the box during shipping
the shippers never heard of wrapping the almond butter in bubble wrap. in order for it to arrive to my house safely from the bottles where never comletely inclosed in bubble wrap. i called up and they dont want me to return the broken jars of almond butter i can not eat them after this says they will refund my gift cards
i am sure glad they take my word for it
amazon. is great they reallystand behind what they sell at
i will continue to shop there
HoneyWaymart, PA

Price is ridiculous!

I can get this same exact product, 26 oz. at Costco for $5.99. Why would anyone pay this price, it’s insane. LOVE the product though.
DevinErin, TN

too pricey, but great product

I buy this same product at a local store for $4.99/12 oz. jar. And this store is typically more expensive than other local stores, but it carries hard to find items such as almond butter.


ToriSaint Leonard, MD

Tastes surprisingly like…peanut butter

This tastes surprisingly similar to a peanut butter, except it is very runny.

I do like it better than a peanut butter. But then again, this item costs 3-5 more than a peanut butter (by weight) and it certainly doesn’t taste 3-5 times better.

I do think everyone should try almond butter at least once. But don’t expect it to blow your mind or give you a unique taste you haven’t tried before.

MelodeePleasureville, KY

Almond Butter Rocks

Amazing. Love almond butter but where I live I can’t buy it here in Guam. The Natural Shoppe was quick to send it to me, fast…will buy it from them again till I reach the states in 3 more years
BrittenyBridgewater, VA

Second Mess

This was a replacement for the 1st order of almond butter I place. It also arrived with two of the three bottles having oil running down the sides. I quit!
ElmiraHungerford, TX

Great product

Absolutely great taste. 100% Natural, no other additives, just dry roasted almonds. Great source of protein (7g per serving), healthy fats (10g of monounsaturated and 4g of polyunsaturated), 4g of fiber, only 2g of sugar, 0mg of sodium, 180 cal per 2 tablespoons. I like it more than peanut butter, great with celery, great with flat bread and high fiber crackers, great on whole wheat toast, perfect on top of slice of an apple. However, price of this product on Amazon is 3 times the price you pay at Costco (only $5.69 there).
BrittaneySea Girt, NJ

wonderful product

First, I’ll respond to whomever said this brand doesn’t come in a 26 oz. jar so this item description is misleading. All I can say is that I bought it at Sam’s and I’m looking at it right now. My husband told me he also saw a smaller jar at the local Harp’s, but yes, this product definitely comes in a 26 oz. jar.

Second, I don’t know why anyone would say it’s runny. Maybe other brands are, but the MaraNatha All Natural No Stir Almond Butter Creamy is definitely not runny. I find it to be very smooth for what it is, but it probably isn’t as smooth as one could expect from overly-processed peanut butter. This has a much more natural texture. It is a little bit thicker than peanut butter, but ultimately, it’s still very spreadable.

Finally, I have to agree that the price here on Amazon is way too high. We can buy the same size jar locally for about $7 I think.

Overall, I LOVE this product and highly recommend it. I have problems keeping my “good” cholesterol high enough so this almond product is perfect for me. I love to put it on Ritz crackers as a snack.

JoleneGilbertsville, KY


This product arrived with the jar lid off and almond butter spilled all over the inside of the shipping box. The jar is soft plastic, which allows phthalates, from the plastic, to enter the food contents. The product is thin and processed in a facility where peanuts, soy and tree nuts are used. We would never recommend this.
ElroyOdd, WV

I like this product

I buy this product at Kroger and I love it. It tastes great and is healthy.
SabraSod, WV

Almond Butter

I bought this almond butter at Costco. It tastes like the plastic jar it comes in, not like almonds. It’s so runny that I had to eat over the sink. I will stick with peanut butter from now on.
OsvaldoElkton, SD

Favorite tasting almond butter

I’ve tried many kinds of almond butter and I really like this brand. It taste very natural and stirs very well. It is just almonds rather than oil and almonds. If you are looking for something pure and simple – this is it. I read the other review and I was pretty surprised which prompted me to write this review. It made me wonder what the person thinks of natural products. Maybe that person typically buys Peter Pan. Just so you know – I actually went online to buy this one brand because it is more expensive in my local grocery store.
CecilyCrockett, KY

What a mess

I ordered 3 containers of this butter. They arrived wraped in plastic and literally had oil dripping from them when I pulled them out of the plastic. It was a complete oily mess. Because of the paper label and the oil, well, the label soaks up a lot of oil and you’ll never get it all off. For a few months I used one container (I threw the other two out) everytime I handled it I had to wash my hands when I was done to try and get the oil off. Also, the butter did seem rather…. old… It didn’t taste exactly right. Like I said, I used one, but threw the others out. Maranatha has great butters, but don’t but their almond butter here. For my next order I bought some Justins Nut Butter (almond) and that stuff is very good. It’s also vacuum sealed so even if the lid was loose, it’s not going to leak, and there’s no layer of oil on the top of the butter either. Oh yeah, it also tastes fantastic. Want to know a great sandwich? Almond butter and raspberry. Delish!
DawnaMarkle, IN

Great roasted almond flavor

I love the flavor of Maranatha. It has a distinct almond flavor. If you are looking for a peanut butter like flavor, go with Barney Butter. However I like the almond taste of Maranatha almond butter. If you aren’t sure, try it a small jar at your supermarket first. I read reviews that it tasted rancid, which is not the case. Although if you expect this one taste just like plain peanut butter, you will be disappointed.
KennyNorth Las Vegas, NV