Marble POP – Strawberry Soda

Introducing Marble POP Strawberry Flavor – the fun new way to enjoy soda! Bottled in a unique glass container, this drink has a glass marble that keeps it sealed until it is popped open with the special popper. So, hydrate your spirit and get ready to… POP It, POP to Drink, POP for Fun!!

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 6.76 fl oz bottles of strawberry flavored ramune soda
  • Extremely refreshing taste, unlike any other carbonated sodas sold here in U.S.
  • A unique bottle that’s appealing for all ages
  • New wave of stylish and fun beverage that’s great for kid’s parties!!
  • Quench your thirst in a fun and entertaining way.

Top reviews

Just like the japanese ramune, but better!

Soooo delicious. I’ve been drinking these since I was a kid, and had quite a few. This is essentially just extra fizzy soda with really nice flavors.

This is just ramune, but in a “classier” American packaging with a really cute mascot <3.
Really refreshing; be sure to chill it before drinking for maximum deliciousness. Not too sweet.

It may be troubling for someone who never experienced opening a ramune bottle to, well, open it. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, or you can actually go to Marble Pop’s website and there’s really cool graphics and such that explains how to open it. Simply just rip the plastic seal, pop out the green “plunger”, set it on the table, put the narrow end of the plunger on the marble and push as hard as you can. This is actually the funnest part of the whole experience.

LoidaOrange, VA