Marella Trottoloni Pugiese Pasta

This is our favorite pasta shape – large, fat coils suitable for any sauce. Made by Marella, possibly the best white pasta makers in the world, this pasta is extruded through bronze dyes and dried at low temperatures for days. A real pasta lovers surprisi

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Very nice pasta

I’d been looking for this pasta shape ever since Trader Joe’s stopped carrying them a few years ago. These artisanal trottoloni -a.k.a. “nodi marini” because they resemble nautical knots- have a very nice texture/flavor and the spirals catch sauces. They’re perfect for hearty sauces and cook to a nice al dente consistency in 12 minutes (leave them one extra minute in the cooking water, off heat, for silkier texture).

Amazon’s price is not as good as TJ’s (I used to pay $1.99/bag back then) but at $4.58/bag, and free shipping, it is the cheapest I’ve seen so far online, anywhere from $6.50 to $12 per bag plus shipping – who pays that kind of money for dry pasta, anyway?

ChunCyril, OK