Mariani Apples, 6-Ounce Units

Great for snacking and baking. Made from fresh sweet apples. Naturally fat-free. From stone age cultivation to Greek mythology, the apple has been a symbol of love, immortality and knowledge. Today the tradition continues with tales of Johnny Appleseed spreading the cultivation of apples in early America, or common reminders of being the apple of someone’s eye! We work hard to live up to these same legends. We begin while the apples are still on the trees and wait until they are fully grown, ripe and sweet. We cut the rings only from the heart of the apples, then see that each apple slice is dried to just the right balance of sweetness, moistness and tenderness.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12 6-ounce resealable bags of fresh-tasting dried apples (72 total ounces)
  • Made with certified Kosher, fully grown, sweet apples from Argentina or Chile
  • Naturally fat free with three grams of dietary fiber per serving
  • Each slice is cut from the heart of the apple then dried for the right balance of sweetness, moistness and tenderness
  • Product of Argentina or Chile; family-owned and California-based Mariani Packing Company is the largest independent dried fruit producer in the world

Top reviews

The only word I can think of: Disgusting

I bought these apples for my toddler. I tasted them before giving them to him and gagged. There is a preservative called sulphur dioxide. It has a rancid taste and ruined the entire thing for me. I threw the entire bag out. I don’t know how anyone can get past that taste. I’ll be looking for dried fruit without that preservative from now on.
NedaRichfield, OH

Great dried apples

My family has been pleased with these apples. Nice flavor and texture. They are soft and chewy. Price is very nice compared to similar products in the local grocery.
PerlaSebastian, FL