Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce, Habanero Pepper, 10 Ounce

Marie Sharp’s hot habanero hot sauce 10 ounce (10 fluid ounce/296 ml): Marie Sharp’s exotic sauce is the finest product of its kind. This unique carrot-based blend achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat. Nestled in the foothills of the Mayan mountains, Marie Sharp’s factory still creates products the old-fashioned way, using the freshest vegetables and the finest ingredients. Her secret homemade recipe utilizes the potent red habanero pepper. Produced in the fertile paradise of Belize, her red habanero is considered to be the hottest variety of pepper known to man, Marie has spent many years cultivating a habanero worthy of her recipe. She has succeeded. Ingredients: select red habanero peppers, fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, vinegar, garlic, and salt.

Quick facts

  • 10 ounce per bottle
  • Unique carrot-based blend that achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat
  • Homemade recipe that utilizes the potent red habanero pepper
  • Red habanero is considered to be the hottest variety of pepper known to man

Top reviews

Poor quality & Rancid taste

I received the items purchased damaged and rancid. I have been to Belize and actually visited and purchased this very product from an airport the first time I ever bought it. I had been to Belize twice and was introduced to this product while staying in various areas. I can’t believe this person sent this great product to me and
expected me to believe it to be the same as I have had. What a big disappointment! I won’t buy it through them again. I threw both bottles away immediately.
DawnaDanville, OH

Finally found it again

I bought a bottle of this hot sauce at a grocery store in Pasadena California in 1999 while out of town for work. It was the best hot sauce I ever tasted so I kept the bottle so I’d remember the name. I’ve been checking Amazon and other hot sauce web sites for years and years now, and I’m glad to finally see it offered on Amazon. The label has changed. The old label was a light blue color. It’s close in flavor to Melinda’s but for me it’s slightly better. My favorite applications for this hot sauce is scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches, home fries, soup, fish fries, french fries, tacos, turkey and tuna sandwiches. I can also use it in a pinch if I’m out of habaneros when I’m making sauce for fish tacos.
FabianAugusta, MO

Best hot sauce ever!!!

Read the title of the review. I assure you, that is not opinion but stone-cold fact.

I was forced to give it five stars because infinity stars is not an option at this time.

GonzaloRidgeville, SC

Best Hot Sauce

Like other reviewers have mentioned, I fell in love with this hot sauce while traveling in Belize. It really is found on nearly every table – similar to ketchup here in the US.

The description says the red habanero is the hottest pepper known to man. This isn’t true – at least not anymore. If you are looking for a sauce that will make you cry, you should look elsewhere. The original hot flavor is spicy, but isn’t too much hotter than your mainstream brands like Tabasco or Cholula. The carrot base makes for a different (better) taste than any other sauce I’ve tried.

It is rare to find it stocked in store shelves in the US, but it can be found at some specialty food stores.

GarrettEdson, KS

Favorite hot Sauce in the World

This is by far the best hot sauce I have ever tasted. Its not only spicy, but has great flavor. Its got a pretty strong kick so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like spicy food.

I discovered Marie Sharp’s hot sauce when I was in Belize (where its made) and fell in love with it. Before leaving the country I bought three or four bottles fearing that I would be unable to purchase more back in the US.

CortneyTrammel, VA

The Best…

Seriously…there is no comparison. There is no other hot sauce out there like this one. I lived in Guatemala where I could get this at every corner store readily…for 10 years. Then I moved to “civilization” where folks think that “Tabasco sauce” is hot sauce. I have tried every other hot sauce out there thinking there has to be something else the same…but no. There isn’t. Marie Sharp’s is “hot sauce”…yes…but it’s not really about the “hotness”…it’s about the “flavor”. There is nothing it does not make taste better…and nothing tastes the same without it!
JonasHazelton, WV

Tabasco sucks

On he table of every restaurant in Belize is a bottle of Marie Sharp’s. If you want to add a nice peppery kick and don’t want to bludgeon your delicate flavors with vinegar, get some of this. You won’t regret it.
RachellKattskill Bay, NY

Excellent Hot Sauce

My husband really enjoyed this hot sauce on a recent trip to Belize, and was excited that we could get it online. It was really well-packaged, too, so the glass bottle shipped safely.
LouisOzone Park, NY

Best Hot Sauce Ever

Like everyone else, I fell in love with this stuff while on vacation in Belize. I’m a huge fan of spicy food so I’ve tried literally dozes of different hot sauces, and this is bar none the best hot sauce I’ve ever eaten. It’s spicy, but with a more subtle, unique flavor due to the carrots in the recipe. Nothing else comes close for me.
HildeTimber Lake, SD

Great tasting hot sauce

I’ve been a loyally follower of Marie Sharps ever since trying it on a vacation to Belize. This stuff is the best, plain and simple.
BetsyPrineville, OR

all time favorite

I discovered this while in belize and the unique flavor is so perfect with anything! it’s not the typical hot sauce with the vinegar and cayenne flavor. This is carrot-based with special spices and habeneros (although if used in moderation it’s really not that hot – just enough. if you can’t handle hot sauce, don’t buy this!). LOVE LOVE LOVE it and will always go onlin to buy it because it’s better than anything I can get in the grocery story. my dad, hot sauce fan, too, also loved it, but he ran out rather soon πŸ˜‰
FernKenyon, RI

Best hot sauce EVER!

I found this hot sauce at one of those stores that only sell hot sauce at Sea Port Village in San Diego, and I always have to have it now. I’m glad they sell it online so I’m sure to never run out.
IvanaMelvin, IA

Homesick for Belize

This is on every table in Belize. It’s a staple, really. I’m completely addicted and now can’t imagine life w/o it. It’s truly the BEST hotsauce Ive ever tasted
ConsuelaMarion, OR