Marie Sharp’s Orange Pulp Habanero Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s Orange Pulp Habanero Sauce is a special blend of yellow habanero peppers and fruity orange pulp, with just enough heat to compliment each unique flavor. Marie Sharp has once again created a wonderul citrus hot sauce. Nestled in the foothills of the Mayan Mountains, Marie Sharp’s factory still creates products the old-fashioned way: using the freshest vegetables and the finest ingredients.

Quick facts

  • Product of Belize
  • Only the Finest, Freshest Ingredients are used by Marie Sharp !!

Top reviews

Exceptional Flavor

I am an Belizean-American and we love all things Marie Sharp’s. The flavor stands alone. I usually get the value pack of sauces as I can’t find them in the local stores. I wanted to specifically comment on the orange pulp because of the citrus ingredient/flavor the sauce is great on seafood. Hope you enjoy it!
CarlettaHockessin, DE

Wonderful both as a sauce and as a powerful marinade

I love hot sauces and have at least 20 open bottles in my fridge at any one time. Finding a sauce with burn is not difficult. Finding one with a both a pleasant burn and a tropical flavor is tough. This orange flavored sauce from Belize accomplishes this with style.

Made from yellow habaneros, orange pulp, onions, key lime juice, vinegar, garlic and salt Marie Sharp’s Orange hot sauce is a perfect marinade for white meats such as chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, and turkey breasts as well as for seafood such as shrimp and talipia. I have also used it as a basting sauce but I prefer it as a marinade. I sometime add some simple syrup which gives it a sweetness and provides a nice caramelization when the meat is grilled. I wish that it had a little less vinegar but I imagine that it is needed as a preservative. Other than that I like it very much.

BeverleeTexola, OK

The right amount of hot and flavor

I like it! The habanero makes it hot, but this sauce is not about straight burn. The orange pulp and the natural fruitiness of the habanero gives this sauce an excellent flavor. It is a great accompaniment to home-grilled jerk chicken.
GerryTwin Branch, WV