MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange Decaf Teabags 50 Pack 4.25oz

Decaffeinated black tea, cinnamon-orange flavoring, spices. Decaffeination acheived through pressure treatment (with water).

Quick facts

  • Our Signature MarketSpice Tea, only decaffeinated
  • Economical 50 pack of teabags
  • Naturally sweet Cinnamon-Orange flavor
  • No sugar or carbohydrates

Top reviews

You have to try this tea!

The best experience for this tea is at the actual Pike Place Market where they brew it so you can sample it in their charming little store past the flying fish and florist. It is also really great to have any other time in your life and to share with everyone you meet. Since every grocery store doesn’t stock this wonderful tea you will have to order it and stock your kitchen/office/cabin/whatever with it and enjoy.
ClydePlato Center, IL

Tea that Soothes the Soul

This tea has the most fragrant, soothing flavor…when it is fresh. But BEWARE, as the label warns, it has a short shelf life and must be stored in a glass jar in the freezer or refrigerator.
Make the mistake of not heeding this warning and your tea will spoil very quickly.
JoaquinGlen Allan, MS

Great-tasting Cinnamom flavored tea!

My husband and I were vacationing in Alaska, and on one of our tours, our tour guide took us to a nursery where different types of Alaskan plants and flowers were growing. The couple who owned the nursery had snacks and hot tea for all of us. We tried the hot tea (MarketSpice Tea), and it was absolutely wonderful! This tea is from Seattle, Washington, and is very popular there. We are from Syracuse, NY, and have not found any tea like this here. This tea doesn’t have any preservatives, and has an absolutely amazing cinnamon flavor! You can get this tea either regular or decaf. We are hooked! We are so happy that we can get it through
ArleneNewcomerstown, OH

My daughter’s favorite tea!

We use to live in Washington State and my daughter loves this tea. We have lived several places because of my husband being in the military and we have not found anything that tastes as good.
AntoniettaMarsteller, PA

Marketspice tea

We had this tea while on vacation in Seattle and were instantly hooked! It is our family’s favorite iced tea and numerous friends have since asked me for ordering info to purchase it too.
We have ordered both loose and teabags (also in decaf) —it is all excellent. So thankful we can order off Amazon!
LorenzoChamberlain, ME


The tea is excellent. The flavor is strong unlike some decaf products that seem weak and lack almost any flavor. Was happy to find it here last time I searched and searched before I had a friend pick it up in Seattle for me.
GwynethAhwahnee, CA

Yummy tea, some bags more potent than others

I love this tea. Its flavor is usually super potent (cinnamon and orange), although some of the 50 tea bags (which I store in a glass jar in my freezer) are more potent than others. I’ll be buying more fairly soon. Yum. I wish it qualified for Free super saver shipping, though!
DarronCorryton, TN

market spice tea is superb

I’d had Market Spice Tea at a friends home and when I found I could obtain it in the DeCaf I was sold for sure! I love having a cup in the evening, watching TV before bed time!
It is delicious! You have to love oranges and spices and I store mine in glass jars that seal (they must be GLASS) in my freezer taking one out at a time. I can not tell any difference in taste between the regular and the DeCaf!
ArmandHarriet, AR

Excellent! Great Decaf!

This tea I originally found at my hair dressers! I had to have it, Amazon had it, quick shipped, and I enjoy it every day!
KyleSaipan, MP

It is NOT for everyone!

This tea was first shared with me by my sister-in-law when I visited Seattle many years ago. She would bring it back to Ohio for us, until I found out that I could order it myself! A treat now has become a staple in my home! Try it! You just might like it! Cheryl.
GwendaRixeyville, VA

The Best Tea ever!

So far I’ve only had this one kind of Market Spice tea but it is amazing! It is such a strong, aromatic tea. Be sure you store it properly (per the instructions included with it) or the flavors won’t be anywhere near as strong and flavorful!
AleciaOhlman, IL


For the third time, reviewing, yes, I will order this item as long as they have it. Warning: Habit forming, but worth it!!! I put the teabags in my thermos with a little sugar and perhaps another teabag of green tea and carry with me wherever I travel. Good picker upper.
PrestonBethany, OK

more tea time!

I love Market Spice tea. The decaf is just as good as the regular. Great service handling my order. Will definitely order again.
HarrietteStover, MO

Spa Tea

This was the tea I would always choose when I was at a popular Seattle spa. A friend that I went with told me that I could get my own and didn’t have to go to the spa every time I wanted some… I got some for Christmas and found out that 24 is just not enough! This tea is wonderful and takes me back to the spa every cup!
JamarBig Rapids, MI

Love these Teabags

The flavor of this tea is fantastic! I received some as a gift from Seattle directly and had to find out how to get some more. Thanks to Amazon for carrying this product.
HoytCrescent, PA

My all time favorite

Seattle Marketspice tea has been my favorite since I was a student at University of Washington in 1968. It is spicy/sweeet with no sugar. Great hot or iced. I was so happy to find that I can order in on Amazon!
KalaColmesneil, TX

Best service

I have odered this Tea over the internet for years but this is this the first time from this provider. The service was a 5 also.

Thank you


NorbertReinholds, PA